August 14th, 2011


Worldcon Looms

Tomorrow morning it's off to Reno for worldcon.

Worldcon is my favorite con, and Reno promises to be an especially good one. They have a very experienced committee and, by all reports, a great facility. If the fannish ghods are good (and I sure hope they are), we will not be vexed by any of the hotel problems that troubled the recent worldcons in Melbourne and Montreal.

All that being said... I sure wish Renovation was being held on Labor Day weekend.

Two reasons:
(1) Labor Day weekend is the perfect worldcon weekend, hallowed by decades of tradition (yes, I know the con originally started on July 4th weekend, but that was before I was born, and not relevant), and worldcon (and worldcon alone) belongs on that weekend,
(2) it would give me more time to rest. It seems as though I just got back from San Diego Comicon and my nine-city book tour (maybe because I DID) and now I'm on the road again. It's too damn soon. San Diego has become an increasingly important part of the annual con circuit for any professional writer; worldcon needs more distance from it, to give us poor pros a chance to catch our breath, unpack our suitcases, maybe do a laundry.

But Renovation is when it is, and I'm not about to miss it.

So off I go, weary or no. See you there.

The road goes ever on and on...