George R.R. Martin (grrm) wrote,
George R.R. Martin

The Joy of Football

First the Jets, now the Giants. Life is meaningless and has no purpose.

The Giants and Cowboys did put on a barnburner, at least. I thought the G-Men were going to blow them out in the first quarter -- and they might have, if Amani Toomer had only gotten his toes down on Eli's second TD bomb. Then at the end, I thought maybe they'd somehow pull it out with a miracle finish. But it was not to be.

Everything in between is best forgotten.

Best game I've seen from Plax. Eli should just have thrown to him every play. Derrick Ward showed some good stuff too, and Amani Toomer came back bigtime from last season's injury. The Giants O-line held up better than expected, but their D-line generated absolutely no pressure. Strahan decided not to retire, I know, but you couldn't tell it by his presence on the field today. Where were the sacks?

I know most football fans love games like this, with all the scoring, but not me. I like good defense. I didn't see one on the field today. Neither the Giants nor the Cowboys seems to have a defense. Neither team could stop the other. Both have lots of high-priced defensive stars, but that doesn't seem to translate to actual stops.

The Giants injuries are more worrisome than losing the game. Eli Manning, Brandon Jacobs, Osi Umenyoira... that's our starting QB, starting RB, and best pass rusher. Losing all three in the first game is no way to begin a season.

(And all my best wishes are going out to that poor TE on the Bills)

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