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Belicheat Gets Wrist Slapped

One draft choice isn't enough, even a first rounder.

And Belicheat himself should have been suspended for at least a few games.


Sep. 14th, 2007 02:54 pm (UTC)
I have to agree with many others that this seems like it's appropriate enough.

A first found pick is a steep price. And while it may not affect Belichick that much (if, as a rumor was going around during the team's off-season spending spree, he's actually planning on retiring if he wins it all this year), but it'll sure irk Kraft, and maybe ownership will put weight on Belichick to stop doing this stuff. In addition, a fine of half a million dollars is hefty, especially for a coach who doesn't seem to supplement his base salary with endorsements or book sales.

What were the alternatives? A suspension for a game or two? What would that really matter? The team can still win without Belichick, and even if they lost those games, there's so much talent that they'd still make the playoffs.

I'm a die-hard Giants fan (I don't have as much interest in the Jets as you do), so I'm not coming from the same place you are when I look at this. But the fact is that the Jets are not in the same league as the Pats this year (though Mangini is doing an impressive job building the team in the right way), and they probably weren't going to win the game no matter how much the Pats did or didn't cheat. I actually agree with many of the points made by Bill Simmons on espn.com. It's bad, the Pats were punished in a way that is going to create a strong disincentive for other clubs to do the same thing, and by next week, the Pats (and everyone else) will be looking for some new way around the rules.

It's just the way of sports. Everyone looks for an edge, and the competitors will always be at least one step ahead of the rulebook.


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