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The Pointy End

Yes, tonight is the episode I scripted for GAME OF THRONES -- episode eight, "The Pointy End."

(The first episode to have a title, FWIW. I argued strongly in favor of episode titles, rather than just numbers).

No, I haven't seen it yet. I'll be seeing it for the first time tonight, same as you folks.

Many of you will want to comment afterward, I know. Again, the best place for that discussion is not here. Head over to Winter Is Coming, to Westeros, to Tower of the Hand, to Television Without Pity, to the HBO boards.

In a series like this, scenes sometimes get moved from episode to episode, so not everything you'll see tonight will be mine(except in the sense that is all based on my books, of course). F'rinstance, the bit in the previews, with Tyrion and Bronn in the Mountains of the Moon, that was originally meant to be in episode seven, and was moved into "The Pointy End" during editing. So that scene, and the encounter with the clansmen, was written by David and Dan.

Kind of fitting that "The Pointy End" airs even as I am working on my season two script, "Blackwater." A much tougher assignment, by the way. All those damned boats...


Jun. 5th, 2011 07:20 pm (UTC)
Going through...
...the books again, for the story to be fresh in my mind on July the 12th when I expect to get my copy of Dance. It's a different experience, this time, since all of a sudden some of the characters have real faces and others are still only imagined. As I read further, I'm kind of torn between thrilling excitement and utter dismay at the enormity of some of the scenes, the Battle of the Blackwater of course being one of them. Can't wrap my head around how you're going to fit dozens of war galleys into a TV-budget, something comparable in scale to Pelennor Fields! Then again, you did find a Mountain That Rides (let's face it, everyone was expecting the producers to succumb to the temptation of throwing a white-powdered Shaquille O'Neal into Ser Gregor's armor). So you'll find a solution to the Blackwater. But you'll never find a Brienne. Or will you?

Dismay. Excitement. Dismay. Excitement. Dism...


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