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Good Stuff

GAME OF THRONES has been nominated in the Best Drama category of the new Critics Choice Awards. Check out the full list of nominees here:


It's an impressive list of nominees. Congratulations to David and Dan and the cast and crew and support staff at HBO, all the great folks who worked so hard to make the show the success it seems to be. Great work, guys!

((And yes, I do wish some of our cast had gotten nominated as well. We have some amazing actors on GAME OF THRONES. Traditionally, though, fantasy and SF have always been overlooked in the acting categories. But maybe we'll do better in the Emmys and Golden Globes))

On other fronts... Sunday's episode, "The Pointy End," got the highest ratings of the season. The show is building. I suspect that this record will endure until... well, Sunday.


Jun. 10th, 2011 11:29 pm (UTC)
Re: Question re Audible.com release of ADwD
sorry we don't have that information. And we're not in a position to seek it out right now. You might want to contact Audible and ask them, they know more about what their release plans are than we do.

That goes for many inquiries about what various companies are doing with the release of the new book, the dvd set of the HBO 1st season, the translation of ADwD into your native language publisher's plans for release, things like that. We have little or no knowledge or control over many of these projects, and you (and I mean 'you' in the plural sense) as a consumer might be able to get the information you need directly from these other companies faster than we can do so.

Often, fan-based web sites like westeros.org and WiC have more information and can get it up faster than we can. When you 'crowd source' info you might get a better faster response than we can give, especially these next few weeks, with George and Ty going to Poland and Slovenia. I will barely have enough time each day to do the basic office work and run the household while they are both out of the country.

thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm, hope you enjoy a wonderful summer and the DANCE.



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