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In Poznan

A long day of travel yesterday, but we're in Poznan now, on the third stop of my Polish tour. Big booksigning tonight. Tunrout may rival Warsaw.

Ty is almost himself again, though seriously sleep deprived. He slept all the way from Nidzica to Poznan. My own sleep cycle remains screwy. I am wide awake right now, at six in the morning, but I tend to fade badly in late afternoon/ early evening. I will need to break that cycle today, or I'll sleep through my booksigning.

It felt strange not to watch GAME OF THRONES last night. Reports of the season finale seem good, however, so I am encouraged.

My biggest problem continues to be all the tech that I brought with me to keep me connected with the world. Supposedly everything was fixed and set with my cell phone and its Polish sim... but no, it would still not connect back to Santa Fe. I made a call with the hotel land line instead, but failed to reach Parris. Left a message instead. I HOPE it was on my home machine, but you never know. And my laptop functions well enough for accessing the internet, but cannot find the server that allows it to connect to my home machine and georgerrmartin.com -- which means I have NO access to any email, and haven't had for days. This is stressing me considerably. What with everything going on in my life and career right now, it is really not good for me to be so cut off. I was repeatedly told that getting off AOL would make things better for me, email wise, but so far this seems not to be the case. AOL can at least be accessed from anywhere in the world. So I just hope no one from Random House, HarperCollins, HBO, or any of my other associates is trying to get hold of me for some urgent matter... if you are, alas, nothing is getting through. All I can say, well, Ty is Working On It.


Jun. 20th, 2011 09:12 pm (UTC)
Season Finale
I was so excited about the season finale I could barely sleep. I cried at the last scene and I didn't do it alone. Jon's flight and retrieval were extremely moving, my hair stood on end when the brothers were repeating their vows. What a beautiful gift. Thank you George and thank you HBO!


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