George R.R. Martin (grrm) wrote,
George R.R. Martin

Home Again

An endless day of travel yesterday. Most of it pretty good, but exhaustion did catch up with me during the last few hours, especially when American Eagle kept delaying the last leg of our journey, from Chicago to Albuquerque.

Our last day in Slovenia was wonderful. Our hosts took us up to Bled, and showed us a couple of castles and a magnificient Victorian era hotel right on the lake, where I really want to stay some time. Our genial host was the mayor of Bled, who regaled us with all the wonderful tales of his town and region. And I was given some truly gorgeous gifts...

Then we had lunch at Marshall Tito's villa before returning to the airport and flying back to Warsaw (by way of Munich!). Overnight at the Warsaw airport Marriott, the off to Chicago and the next morning. We shared the Marriott with some kind of wheelchair fencing championship, which made for some colorful sights as we were leaving.

A great trip. You Slovenian and Polish fans are wonderful. Thanks for everything.

Now I would like to sleep for a week... but alas, I can't. Too much work to do.

So back to it.
Tags: travels

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