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I'm Number One...

... and also number four, number six, and number eight.


When GAME OF THRONES was first published in 1996, it failed to make any bestseller lists (well, maybe it made the LOCUS list, don't recall), and certainly never got within shouting distance of the Top Ten in the TIMES. While I still recall the highlights (Joe Beth in Lexington, Kentucky and Kepler's in Menlo Park, California) of that first signing tour, I recall the lowlights even better -- the St. Louis signing where the only four people in the cafe/ bookstore actually LEFT when I got up to speak, and the Dallas signing where I drew a dozen people while Clifford the Big Red Dog drew hundreds. And here we are, fifteen years later, with GAME at number one on the list. Where's that dog now, I want a rematch!

Thanks to David and Dan and HBO, they had a lot to do with this.

And thanks to you, my readers, as well. No promotion, no advertising, no marketing campaign can ever hope to match word of mouth. Without the loyalty and enthusiasm of my fans, none of this would ever have happened.

I hope you all have a great Fourth. It's certainly going to be a good one for me.


Jul. 4th, 2011 05:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you, George! You have earned that loyalty by giving us an amazing new world, and brilliant characters to explore it through. Before you came along, I never quite understood why everyone made such a fuss about Lord of the Rings. I read it, but it just never reached me like it had so many.

But then I read Game of Thrones, and now I get it. Westeros is my Middle Earth, and I finally understand. And for that, you'll always have my loyalty. If it takes you 5 more to write your next one, or ten more, or if you drop it and do something new, I'll always have your back.

Unless the Giants are playing the Bills. Then, you can go find a lake and promptly jump in it. ;D


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