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Should Math Be Taught in Schools?

((Sad to say, this parody is hardly exaggerated at all. A few of the answers are almost verbatim to the actual answers of the Miss USA contestants to "Should Evolution Be Taught in Schools." Go watch that video on YouTube and see for yourself)).

(((There are days I think I am living in the world of Kornbluth's "Marching Morons." Just look at reality TV, and remember the hit show in his story)))

(((I am vastly pleased that the eventual Miss USA winner, and GAME OF THRONES fan, does "believe in evolution." And presuambly in math as well))).



Jul. 6th, 2011 11:51 pm (UTC)
Re: the missing link?
Excellent video, George. I guess we'll have to disagree. I'll give you micro-evolution (no debate there), but I just don't buy one species turning into a completely different species. Truth be told, this isn't a topic that plagues my mind, and honestly doesn't matter much to me in the grand scheme of things. We may end up as some new species in a far distant future, and I would be wrong, but at thatpointneither you nor I would be around to worry about who won the debate. Thanks for providing a place where people can engage in honest conversation. Congratulations on the HBO series; it was excellent. And I can't wait to read Dance in less than a week.
Jul. 7th, 2011 04:33 pm (UTC)
Re: the missing link?
This is a common mistake that people make when discussing evolution. One species has never 'changed' into another. Rather, two (or more) species were created by mutations in the genomic code of a single species and were not allowed to breed together for one reason or another (physical separation is usually the cause).

Here's a simplification example of the mechanism of the evolution of multiple species:

You are only related to a chimpanzee by the most vague of relations. Some large number of millions of years ago there was 1 species that is the ancestor of both chimpanzees and humans. Then, one day, for some reason that population was split into two groups, probably because a giant volcano exploded and half the population got ejected onto a small island in the ocean.. like Madagascar :) Now you have two separate groups of 1 species that cannot interbreed. Each goes about its own business, and slowly has genetic mutation after genetic mutation; some are kept because they are beneficial, others cause early death and are therefore lost. Eventually, over 10s of millions of years, you have 2 unique species with a common ancestor that cannot interbreed.

So, no, one species does not just change into another. Chimps never became humans, and the ancestors of chimps never became humans. Both chimps and humans uniquely evolve from the same species.


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