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Should Math Be Taught in Schools?

((Sad to say, this parody is hardly exaggerated at all. A few of the answers are almost verbatim to the actual answers of the Miss USA contestants to "Should Evolution Be Taught in Schools." Go watch that video on YouTube and see for yourself)).

(((There are days I think I am living in the world of Kornbluth's "Marching Morons." Just look at reality TV, and remember the hit show in his story)))

(((I am vastly pleased that the eventual Miss USA winner, and GAME OF THRONES fan, does "believe in evolution." And presuambly in math as well))).



Jul. 9th, 2011 11:59 am (UTC)
As you have said, the fossil record would be the "icing on the cake", but unfortunately the cake you are offering has no icing. As for the difference between the lists: within the science community, as within many sectors, people make decisions with regard to their well being. The scientific elite controls the release of information, grant requests, etc. and are overwhelmingly neoDarwinian evolutionists. The people on my list are risking their profession by standing up against the accepted norm. It is always easier to agree with the standard than stand up to it. To turn an idea on it's head, think of the sailors who decided not to believe in the accepted norm and attempted to sail around the world. The only difference is that the flat-earthers didn't start telling those sailors that the disproof of their theory was wrong because it went against those accepted beliefs. As evidence I cite two experiments, I am certain there are more but I've already wasted too much time debating with people whose rebuttals tend to be little more than name calling. First is an experiment conducted on bacteria, a simple organism which quickly reproduces to show a large number of generations over a short period of time. Observation over a period of years subjecting the bacteria to differing variables to encourage mutation/evolution yielded no new strains of the tested bacteria. The second test involved fruit flies - also with a short life span to observe generational change over a large number of generations. Variables produced mutations but no lasting evolutionary changes. At the end of the thirty-five year experiment, accounting for thousands upon thousands of generations, all they had were fruit flies. Lastly, I did a little research on theories and it seems that the best theories are testable and refutable. Two tests, two refutes. My citations on these experiments are on a separate post. NeoDarwinism has taken what was an excellent theory, albeit a faulty one, and replaced it with a theory that discredits dissention by earplugging and name calling. While this is my opinion it is shared and supported by many within the scientific community, more even than were rave enough to sign my above referenced list.


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