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Renovation Schedule

It seems as though San Diego Comicon and my nine-city book tour just ended yesterday, and yet here comes worldcon, bearing down on me like a wedge of charging knights.

As I said at every one of my tour appearances, the BEST place to meet your favorite writers (including me, if I'm one of them) is not at a bookstore signing, but at a con. And there's no con like worldcon. Yes, comicon is bigger. So is Gencon, Dragoncon, and many more. But worldcon is the source from whence they all sprang, the granddaddy of them all, and still the center of the SF/ fantasy universe.

And hey, they give the HUGOs there!

Here's my schedule for Reno:

THURSDAY, August 18
1:00 pm A reading, from THE WINDS OF WINTER (AO1+6, RSCC)
3:00 pm autographing (Hall 2, RSCC)

FRIDAY August 19
11:00 am The Art of Ice & Fire, with John Picacio and Martina Pilcerova

SATURDAY August 20
11:00 am - 1:00 pm "The Pointy End" - a special screening of my episode from
the first season of the HBO series, with commentary

4:00 pm The Ethics of Adaptation, a debate/ dialogue w/ Melinda Snodgrass

8:00 pm HUGO AWARDS (Peppermill, Tuscany Ballroom) I will be presenting.

SUNDAY August 21

12:00 noon WILD CARDS panel (Ao1+6, RSCC)
1:00 pm autographing (Hall 2, RSCC)

Of course, the daytime programming is only a small part of what worldcon is all about. The other part is the room parties. And yes, I'll be hitting those as well, partying every night -- and you can expect that the Brotherhood Without Banners will once again throw the best, most kickass party at the con, as they've done for most of the past decade.

Unlike comicon, worldcon does not sell out. Full memberships and day passes will be available at the door. All you need do to attend is make it to Reno.

For most information, go to http://www.renovationsf.org/

See you in Reno!


Aneta Bereda
Aug. 10th, 2011 07:31 pm (UTC)
From Poland with Gratitude
Hi George. Glad you're catching a breath and pressing on. How does Groucho Marx's saying go about belonging to groups...? You're now the darling of the ball and no one can deny you the winners' circle, the satisfaction from being in it, or the duties of showing the flag.

This is more a private comment but I want you to know that, sometimes and in some specific instances, it may be close to impossible for a guy like me to get to a "local" convention. I know I was very lucky to have you visit Poland but I did not know anything about the convention until hours before. I cannot tell you how many strings Aneta and I had to pull to get the HBO invitation let alone arrange the car trip to Nidzica. I could not stay overnight that day as the car had to be back in Warsaw.

If I could have buttonholed you at your leisure, I would have. I can only imagine that you were spinning like a pinwheel since book tour organisers like to squeeze their money's worth in blood if need be. Somewhere the words of Stan Lee on great power and responsibility resonate.

I am in a pickle here. I have no one to read my stuff. I could send my chapters to TOR in hope someone there takes an interest. But the chances are that whatever I send will be put into a submission file, and I am not ready to be that monogamous. I need a few other voices before I choose to submit. I live in isolation here. Even Aneta, my constant companion, does not apprehend my vocabulary range.

Anyways, I just do not want you to think that I was imposing on you on purpose or do not appreciate the situation you were in. I simply had very little opportunity and was making the best with what I had like anyone else in my situation and circumstance.

I am glad for your success and I hope, one day, we will meet again in better circumstances. Take care,
Richard Whipple


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