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A Taste of Cyanide

Two of the game designers from Cyanide's studio in Montreal flew down to New Mexico on Friday to give me a look at their GAME OF THRONES RTS game (that's Real Time Strategy, for those of you who don't speak Gaming), which is now done and will be rolling out Real Soon Now.

Now, I have to admit, I am far from being an expert on videogames. In fact, I've never played any of the current RTS games. My experience with videogaming was almost entirely with older, turn-based DOS strategy games like ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS, PIRATES, MASTER OF ORION, RAILROAD TYCOON, and the like. And as you can probably tell from those titles, I stopped videogaming some years ago (not because I did not like it -- truth to tell, I liked it too much, and found that I was spending way too much time playing games on my computer when I should have been writing).

That being said... I thought what I saw looked really cool. And Ty, who DOES play a lot of videogames, seemed impressed as well. The gang at Cyanide (Montreal) have come up with some innovative features for this one, that should help make A GAME OF THRONES: GENESIS unlike any other RTS on the market at present. And fun to play as well, we hope... but that's a verdict that will need to come from the gamers out there.

Focus, our publisher, has opened an official website for GENESIS. Check it out:


(Just to be clear. This is the RTS game, designed and developed by Cyanide's studio in Montreal. A second videogame, an RPG, is also under development at Cyanide's studio in France, but that one won't be along for a while yet. The two games are very different, so please don't get them confused).

Anyway, I enjoyed having the crew from Cyanide down here, and liked what they had to show me. I hope you will as well.



Peter Goranov
Sep. 12th, 2011 11:26 am (UTC)
Re: Comment from a Game Developer
The cinematics are sub-par for today's standards and the promo trailer they've posted on their site has been done by an amateur in After Effects (the particles in the beginning and the rocks breaking at the end. Both are based on a tutorial, especially the rocks). I think you might have a point about quality. Let's hope that GRRM's setting will wash out the bad taste of a poorly made game, and if modding is allowed I'm sure the fans can finish the work (see Troika's TOEE and the Co8 mod, or all the great M2TW mods).

Speaking of Medieval 2: Total War, there is a Westeros mod in the makig there, and with the modding standards being so high for that community (Stainless Steel, TATW etc.) I'm expecting great things.

Mr. Martin I'd urge you to stay away from Medieval 2, it's a medieval strategy game to end all medieval strategy games, and it has eaten a lot of my hours. I think I must follow your example If I ever hope to write.


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