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The NFL Returns

Football is back!!!

And life is... full of joys and pain, ups and downs.

My beloved Jets played the despised Cowboys in the season's first Sunday night game, and played... ah... not nearly as well as I would have hoped. Though there were high points. Revis, of course. Plaxico Burress looked pretty good for a guy who has been in prison the past two years. Dustin Keller was great, as always, and LaDamian Tomlinson had a few good moments. Even so, the Cowboys came to play, their Rob Ryan D was much tougher than I had expected, and Dallas looked to have the game wrapped up early in the fourth quarter.

Fortunately, their QB is still Tony Romo. Who played really well for most of the game, as he often does, only to commit some truly horrendous mistakes at the worst possible times, as he often does. Thereby losing the game. Which is what happened tonight, giving the Jets a great if improbable victory. I really do need to buy a cardiac defibrillator in Jets green; I swear, this team is going to kill me one of these nights.

Revis deserves a lot of credit for the Jets win. So does Mike Westoff, Joe McKnight, and the Trufant kid who ran in the blocked punt for a TD. Oh, and Jim Leonhard, who ran down what would have been the Cowboys' game-clinching TD and knocked the runner out of bounds inside the five, setting up the crucial Romo fumble that started the tide to turning.

But mostly of the credit goes to Romo.

As for the Giants... sigh... the less said, the better. They got embarrassed by the Redskins and Rex Grossman, f'r chrissakes. How humiliatin'. It could be a long season for Big Blue.

But hey... football is back!!



Sep. 12th, 2011 03:49 pm (UTC)
Nice to see some NFL posts
I had grown so accustomed to your posts that last season felt like something was missing. Hopefully you will continue to have the time to kick back and knock back a few this season.

The Giants... looks like they won't be a good team until maybe, hopefully three or four games into the season. If they stay like this for the entire season we will be saying goodbye to Tom, Kevin and dare I hope Eli. Eli's improvement just isn't there. His passes are too consistently poor to expect his receivers to be consistently good. There-in lies one of the major differences between big bro and little bro.

The defense is still lacking in overall speed. With the quality of receivers in the NFC East the Giants could end up with 5 or 6 losses in their own conference alone.

There is a very bright spot. J. P. P. Hopefully we'll have a healthy Tuck.

The J, E, T, S, were extremely entertaining. What an amazing fouth quarter for them. Fortunately for them Bryant hadn't learn how to hydrate, limber up and warm up properly. That could have gotten ugly in a hurry. Revis Island reemerges from the depths. And Plax... when Sanchez figures it out, the Burress-Holmes tandem will be spectacular. Even though Plax has an axe to grind with the Giants he even managed to help them. That block on Jenkins was brutal. That kind of hit lingers in the mind if not the body for a long time.

For a first game especially given the off-season issues both teams played a very high quality of football. I imagine the day had something to do with the commitment to focus by both the coaches and players. While the Jets comeback wasn't quite Mike Piazza-esque, it was thrilling.


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