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Wild Cards eBooks

Tor has just announced a special holiday sale on the electronic editions of four Wild Cards ebooks. From now until December 14, ebooks of the three Committee books and the reissue of WILD CARDS volume one (with! extra! added! content!) will be only $2.99.

Details can be found here:


If you're an ebook reader who has yet to sample the Wild Cards series, here's your chance to get a taste. I'd recommend that you start with either WILD CARDS (where it all began) or with INSIDE STRAIGHT (first of the "next generation" books, and a great intro to the world). But hell, at that price, you can buy all four for less than the price of a pizza.


Austin Chandler
Nov. 17th, 2011 05:02 pm (UTC)
Love that these are on sale
This is great news because I actually wanted to start reading the Wild Cards and the high price of the e-format of the books did stop me from buying.

I love your works and I am a Pre-HBO fan. Currently I plan on rebuying the books (the special Amazon edition right now) for a physical version and I desperately wish to buy an format.

My problem is this: Ebooks shouldn't be the same price as a physical book. I do understand there are other economic situations to be considered but with ebook being much cheaper to publish, that means that there is being more money made on the eformat instead of the physical book. I don't begrudge you or your publisher or even amazon to make more money; but any chance at least to perhaps have some special deals for your other ebooks in the future?

I would just like to have official eformat version of your books and buy them at a good price that seems more in line of what an ebook should cost instead of buying the physical and deciding to be able to get it onto my tablet or phone in a different way (such as scanning each page by myself). It is a pain in the butt to do, but I think its legal for me to do, and I can just buy the used books as well and do it.

Just hoping honestly your other books will also go on sale.

Nov. 18th, 2011 12:45 am (UTC)
Re: Love that these are on sale
George, and probably 99.99% other writers who are contracted with major publishing houses, have no control over what the publishers will charge for hardcovers, mmpbs, or e-book formats. Even e-books cost money to create, and there are multiple costs to publishing in any format that aren't often considered by a retail customer.

There have been multiple discussions over the last several years about these issues. I suggest if you want to read more about the reasons e-books, hell, any format that is currently used by publishers great and small cost what they cost, you look at some blogs and sites by professional writers, publishers, and professional organizations. Look at the SFWA site, and the blogs by many pros like Jay Lake, John Scalzi, Seannan McGuire for some serious discussions about how these issues affect writers and publishers. Check the archives of magazines and newpapers' business sections to see some of the factors involved, and what various players have done to stake out their own territory and power in this new format.

The middlemen, like Amazon and Apple take a pretty good chunk of the retail cost of publishing e-books. There are some publishers and 'bookstores' that are publishing e-books at lower costs, especially with new and emerging writers. Look for companies like WizardsTowerBooks, and Small Beer Press, Weightless Books, you might find some good reading to your liking at lower costs.


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