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Life is Meaningless...

... at least for Jets fans.

Pfui. What a terrible way to end the season, losing to the hated Dolphins. With the season on the line, Mark Sanchez played an awful game, and Santonio Holmes failed to show.

Oh, well. It's "wait till next year" for Gang Green. Rex is going to have to make a lot of off-season changes. I still hold out hope that Sanchez can be the franchise qb we need, but the team needs to get back to the "ground and pound" attack of 2010 and (especially) 2009. We may need another RB to pair with Shonn Green, especially if Tomlinson retires as he threatens. Maybe Joe McKnight can fill that role, but I'm not sure. And the D needs help as well. A safety to take the place of Eric SMith, the weak spot in an otherwise outstanding secondary, and a kickass pass rusher / sack artist so Rex won't need to blitz so much.

I suspect we'll have a new offensive coordinator as well, though I am not convinced that Shottenheimer was the problem.

The Dolphins played with a lot of heart, considering they had nothing to play for. Must say, though, the number of empty seats in the stadium was shocking. Almost the entire upper deck appeared empty. That would never happen to a Jets or Giants game, no matter what the team's record was. I know Florida fans have a bad rep for turning out only for winning teams... certainly true for the Jaguars in the NFL, and for baseball's Marlins as well... but I'd thought better of Dolphins fans. And the condition of the field was pretty shocking as well. Torn up to hell and gone. Players were slipping and tripping all afternoon, and there were big divots everywhere you looked.

Let's hope the Giants can salvage some joy for me and the Big Apple tonight. Die, Cowboys, die!



Jan. 2nd, 2012 04:09 pm (UTC)
Oops, Ser, I was actually referring to the hippoiathanatoi poster. His pic reminds me of a 70s era football player taking off his helmet after winning a game. Or maybe that's something I saw in a movie as I know very little about football.

I did not know that you were a chess player! Of course I should have known after reading Dance with all the cyvasse references. Honestly these were my favorite parts... I could just see the games being played. Speaking of which, are any plans in the works to create a real cyvasse, possibly utilizing a chess variant but turned around for Westeros? That would be cool. I imagine it would get a lot of fans interested in learning about chess.

I live and breath chess myself, as you can tell by my name.

Enjoy your Giants victory, good ser!

Ruy Lopez Defense over and out.


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