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The Price of Our Sins

And here's yet another trailer, this one called "The Price of Our Sins."

(I told you I'd fallen way behind).

For more, do visit the HBO website. You'll find all these trailers there, along with all sorts of other cool behind-the-scenes videos, and character profile pieces on Robb, Joffrey, Renly, and other characters.


Mar. 18th, 2012 07:20 pm (UTC)
1. This ALL looks amazing. I can't wait! I even actually found a local place to buy capon for my viewing party! Hahaha.

2. This is kind of random and I'm sure you've been told similar things time and time again, but still... I wanted to thank you for how you write your female characters. I didn't realize just how important this is to me until recently. I listen to A LOT of audiobooks on the job. I started a fantasy trilogy someone suggested to me that shall remain nameless, and had to stop listening halfway through the second book. All of the women in the stories were written the same- one-dimensional, nagging and over-emotional. It told me a lot about the author and his real life relationships. Hahaha! I just couldn't take it anymore!

But it DID make me appreciate how insanely WELL you write your characters (male AND female alike). There is so much depth and complexity to each an every one... they feel almost real. You feel like you know them. (Which I imagine is why the words can actually draw tears when characters die... that's not an easy thing to accomplish, at least not where I am concerned. Haha).

Anyways... long story short- Thank you for being awesome. ;)

(and I'm about to dive into some inhumane overtime hours on 'ol Ender's Game... so if you have any book series you love and could recommend (I've done everything with your name on it more times than I can count, hahaha) I'd be more than eager to give them a listen. Helps the day go by!)


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