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NFL Draft, Round One

Obviously, I should never go on long trips just before the NFL draft. I was woefully unprepared this year, having barely glanced at the stack of pre-draft magazines I always buy, and I'd hardly seen any mock drafts at all.

And I fear, without the help of my telepathic advice from Santa Fe, that Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum may have made a terrible mistake. I am not at all happy with their choice of Quinton Coples. Yes, we needed a pass rusher, sure... but there were a lot of them on the board when the Jets turn arrived at 16, so I cannot understand why they chose a kid that all the draftniks seem to agree is a physically gifted underachiever who gives minimum effort and does not really love the game. Coples has Vernon Gholston II written all over him.

And I fear that Evil Little Bill, picking later, got a much better prospect at a lower slot. Actually Evil Little Bill and the despised Pats got TWO terrific players, who will vastly improve the Pats D (of course, bad as it was, there was no place to go but up). How does he DO that, year after year? A Satanic pact, methinks...

The Giants, picking last in the round, had fewer great options, and ended up choosing a running back. Well, okay... with Big Brandon gone, we need a new RB to spell Ahmad. This Wilson guy has blazing speed and is very elusive, they say. That's good. Maybe he can return punts and kickoffs. The G-Men have sucked at both for the past couple of years. On the other hand, they also say he fumbles a lot. That's less good. I have to hope Tom Coughlin can fix his fumbling, the same way he once fixed Tiki Barber's.

Cleveland had a good first round, I think. Miami picked their latest QB bust, by all reports. And reached for him as well. From everything I read about this Tannehill kid, they will do better sticking with Matt Moore.

Based on this single round, though, looks as though Belichick tightened the Pats grip on the AFC East for years to come. The Jets, Bills, and Dolphins did nothing to improve their teams, while the Pats got significently better on D. mutter mutter mutter

The Panthers got the player the Giants really needed.



Matt Farmer
Apr. 27th, 2012 03:37 pm (UTC)
still haven't forgiven your Giants...
for embarrassing my Falcons in the playoffs this year, but I love the fact that you're (not) blogging about the NFL draft.

Like so many us fans of yours, there's plenty of room in our life to dissect Westerosi politics AND decide whether a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense is better for our personnel.

My Falcons just acquired Asante Samuel from the Eagles making your games against Philly just a little easier for Eli and your games against Atlanta just a little tougher for him.

Go Falcons! See you on December 16th here in Atlanta!

and speaking of Atlanta... and COME TO DRAGON-CON!!!
May. 2nd, 2012 03:08 am (UTC)
Re: still haven't forgiven your Giants...
Gotta disagree with ya there Matt, you did get a great player in Samuels however we got better by dropping him. Allow me to explain. The wide nine D is reliant on a strong pass-rush from the front and press coverage from the DB's. Nambdi=best press coverage in the NFL, DRC=great press coverage, Samuels=ball hawk who takes chances. Big reason we got burned so much last year from the start, too many times he just played on instinct and not the way JC called the game. So, great move on both sides.


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