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Inside Straight scores again

Okay, the Jets lost and the Giants choked, but at least my Wild Cards team is doing well. Another good review just came in, this one from Pat's Fantasy Hotlist. Check it out at


And then hie thee off to an internet bookstore and preorder INSIDE STRAIGHT.


Dec. 17th, 2007 09:01 pm (UTC)
Re: Original Wildcards
Have you checked ebay or ABE books? Copies of all of the old Wild Cards volumes turn up regularly on both. There are some on ebay right now. Some of the later books -- especially the Card Shark triad, from Baen -- are rarer, and fetch high prices, but that's not true of the first book. I expect you'd be able to find a cheap copy pretty easily.

We are considering offering ebook versions of some of the older titles through the new website, but haven't reached a decision yet. First we want to get the site up and running and build up a good readership, and of course the emphasis at the moment is on the new book.

For what it's worth, INSIDE STRAIGHT was designed to be completely accessible to readers who have never read any of the old books... so you really don't have to start with the first volume to get into this new one.
Dec. 18th, 2007 03:43 pm (UTC)
Re: Original Wildcards
Thanks for the reply, Mr. Martin.
I guess it's just my nature, and I'm guessing the nature of a lot of your audience, to be sort of completest about these kinds of things. Not that I won't buy Inside Straight if I can't somehow wrangle up the entire older series, just that I'd prefer to.
There's a certain sense of smug happiness I get as a reader when I notice a little reference to another or previous work. No doubt there's bits like that in the new Wildcards book, and I'd like to be able to experience that.
Case in point: (spoilers ahead for those who haven't finished Feast for Crows) - when Aemon is dying and begins to ramble about Dunk and Egg, that moment was priceless. I don't want to miss moments like that.


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