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Back from Montana

Back home again from Missoula, Montana, where I spent the weekend as GOH at Miscon 26.

'twas my first trip to Montana, and I can't say I really saw much of it, but Missoula was a pleasant little city, and the con itself was great. They drew 1300 people, I'm told, a record for Miscon, and I think all of them had a great time. I know I did. Miscon fen party like we did in the old days, and the hotel -- Ruby's, a small indy with local ownership -- was really great. None of the nonsense with noise complaints and shutting down parties and elevators that has plagued so many cons of late. In fact, some of the hotel management partied with us.

So a tip of the hat to Justin, Cthulhu Bob, Clay, and the rest of the Miscon Miscreants, and to Tim, Dustan, and Vicky from Ruby's. You were great.


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Sean Kirkpatrick
Jun. 6th, 2012 03:17 am (UTC)
It was great to meet you, and it was great to watch Blackwater Bay with you! Thank you so much for coming to our little convention!
David Porah
Jun. 6th, 2012 04:05 pm (UTC)
How to made characters
Hi George!
First, i love how you write and made the characters of your works.
I'm a younger spanish writer and i want to know how to made characters like yours. If you can explain me how you do i will be eternity gratefull.

contact me: darivo.rulz@hotmail.com
Thanks Big G.
Jun. 7th, 2012 11:03 pm (UTC)
Three Blasts
Season Two of "Game Of Thrones" was excellent all around. I loved all episodes, of course "Blackwater" and "Valar Morghulis" being shinning examples of that!

Those closing images of the season finale gave me goosebumps, they were soo vivid and will stay with me just as the prologue and opening scenes of "LOTR: The Fellowship Of The Rings" has for all these years. Not bad company to be in!

I also pre-ordered my Season Two soundrack as well as the 2013 ASOIF calendar illustrated by Marc Simonetti. These will be my antidotes to the "Game Of Thrones" withdrawal I'll be going through the next few months waiting for Season Three...

PS Honestly, Marc Simonetti should be allowed to illustrate some special editions of the "A Song Of Ice And Fire" novels here in North America. Its as if the man has crawled inside your mind and he can interpret all your visions to a t. We really need his talent added to the books, he is a master illustrator. His creations are really beautiful and haunting!
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