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Once More, At Home

Home from Chicago and Chicon 7.

A terrific worldcon, one of the best in years. Everything a worldcon should be.

More later, when I catch my breath and answer some of my emails.


For those who could not be with us at Chicon, YouTube has my moment in the sun, the presentation of the award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form.

FWIW, the voting stats released after the awards ceremony reveal that GAME OF THRONES would have placed two episodes ("Baelor" and "The Pointy End") on the ballot in Short Form, if the concom had not decided to place us in Long Form instead. A third episode would just have missed the cut.

Thanks for everyone who nominated us in either category... thanks to everyone who nominated, period. That really is the heart of the Hugo process.


And for those who missed my GAME OF THRONES panel, Mo Ryan has chronicled it with a blog and podcast. Check it out here:



Sep. 7th, 2012 10:47 pm (UTC)
WorldCon and the Greenfork
We also had a great WorldCon. We esp enjoyed running the Battle of the Greenfork (in miniature of course) on Friday morning. Had spent the last 6 months painting up both armies in Westros heraldry/livery (Mr. Martin could you please stick to more conventional heraldry?!) and had a great time watching players manuver to recreate (or change) the "historical" outcome. My wife manage to get the Mountain killed in the initial charge - creating an alternative universe version of Westros.

Another highlight was Mr. Martin's interview as both he and the interviews provide lots of intersting insights/commentary (great for we NPR fans). Mr. Martin's reading of Westros history provided some fresh inspiration for re-creating some new battles. Conversely two military/SF/fantasy panels were disappoionting. (Surprisingly a Star Wars panel greatly exceeded my expectations.)

Hugo night was fun and mostly conformed to my preferences/vote (with one major exception). Its only fair to point out that many of the books/stories/novellas needed the additional publicity boost - a bit more than our collective favorite.

Still between the Hugo vote and the Cowboys, Mr. Martin has every right to rail at the cruel fates...(My wife did not win the masquerade either...)

Suggestion for Dunk # Egg collection: A Song of Knight and Squire.

Tom Thomas


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