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Hate Dem Cowboys

Well, the 2012 NFL season got off to a start with a resounding thud tonight, as my beloved New York Football Giants lost their opening game to the hated Dallas Cowboys.

The key factor seemed to be the depleted New York secondary, which wasn't able to cope with Dallas's third-string wide receiver... especially after our fourth-string cornerback went down and had to be replaced by our fifth-string cornerback.

How the hell our secondary can be down to its fifth string in the first bloody game of the season passes all understanding. I know that injuries are a big part of football, but the Giants always seem to suffer a rash of losses before the season even begins. sigh

Victor Cruz dropping all those passes did not help either. I love you, Victor... but maybe less salsa dancing and more practice in the off-season would have been wise.

Big Blue's running game looked just as anemic as it did last season. Our vaunted first round draft choice, Virginia Tech RB David Wilson, fumbled the first time he touched the damn ball. Coughlin did not seem eager for him to touch it again thereafter.

Perhaps the Jets will redeem things on Sunday, when Rex finally unveils the explosive O he has been hiding all preseason. (Hah)



Sep. 6th, 2012 10:57 pm (UTC)
Re: bbc
The basics of football are easy to learn. The tactics seem to change by generation though. Most teams would wear down the opponent's defense by running the ball consistenly and going to the air to complement their offensive.

Now it is a QB'S league everything revolves around the air. A good QB can last 4-6 strong seasons in the NFL, as opposed to a stud RB who have shorter careers from the constant injuries.

I personally enjoy defense in all sports. If you are similar here are some of the franchises that have always had a defensive philosophy:

Pittsburgh Steelers
Chicago Bears
N.Y. Giants
Philadelphia Eagles
Baltimore Ravens
New England Patriots (not as well known through history for consistent defensive teams, but defense/Brady won their 3 championships)

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