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Hate Dem Cowboys

Well, the 2012 NFL season got off to a start with a resounding thud tonight, as my beloved New York Football Giants lost their opening game to the hated Dallas Cowboys.

The key factor seemed to be the depleted New York secondary, which wasn't able to cope with Dallas's third-string wide receiver... especially after our fourth-string cornerback went down and had to be replaced by our fifth-string cornerback.

How the hell our secondary can be down to its fifth string in the first bloody game of the season passes all understanding. I know that injuries are a big part of football, but the Giants always seem to suffer a rash of losses before the season even begins. sigh

Victor Cruz dropping all those passes did not help either. I love you, Victor... but maybe less salsa dancing and more practice in the off-season would have been wise.

Big Blue's running game looked just as anemic as it did last season. Our vaunted first round draft choice, Virginia Tech RB David Wilson, fumbled the first time he touched the damn ball. Coughlin did not seem eager for him to touch it again thereafter.

Perhaps the Jets will redeem things on Sunday, when Rex finally unveils the explosive O he has been hiding all preseason. (Hah)



Sep. 7th, 2012 03:38 pm (UTC)
coughlin and injuries
I don't know whether coughlin is cursed or its how he coaches, but the Giants have had more injury issues during his tenure than any other team in the league. I would like to see a study on injuries going back years. I really don't think any team compares to what the giants have gone through.

With all the ACL injuries it makes me wonder if its in large part the managements fault. Terrell Thomas clearly should not have come back so soon. Looks like Clint Sintim's career is over due to back to back ACLs. Domenik Hixon probably came back to soon(I am worried he is back too soon again).

The giants seem to get injuries at the same position. The tackle position is clearly a problem. With all the injuries there is little rotation. Even if Marvin Austin can come back this week, I don't know what he can do. He has not played in 2 years due to college suspension and injuries and has very little practice time.

Corner is a bigger problem... I have no idea if Amukamara can even play let alone stay healthy.

At this point, I think the giants need to be a throw first offense and do alot of short passing to avoid the rush. They have reievers who can run after the catch, but not really enough time to get down field. I also think they can do damage with dump offs out of the back field and to tight ends. They gotta stop trying to establish the run when the offensive line is terrible. Use the pass to set up the run.

I think this was from 2006. In the first round of the playoffs the giants were down 6 linebackers (all 3 starting linebackers were guys no one else wanted), their best corner and his back, 2 offensive lineman, and Ahmani Toomer. This is just one example.

2010 they were down 4 wide receivers (including both starters) 2 offensive lineman and a bunch of other guys.

Mid-season 2007 they were down 6 defensive starters for 3-4 games in a row.


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