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Still Writing

There must be something about the words "dance" and "dragons."

We all know how long the last novel took. And now I am writing the "sidebar" (hoo hah) about the first Dance of the Dragons, the fratricidal civil war between King Aegon II and his half-sister Rhaenyra, for THE WORLD OF ICE AND FIRE, and it's turned into a monster too.

As of today, I have a hundred and three bloody manuscript pages (some VERY bloody) and still no end at hand. I had hoped to finish this one today, but... no, not even close. Lots more to write.

I think there's some good stuff here, and judging by the reception my reading got at Chicon, most of you seem to like the fake history too. But DAMN, there a lot of it.

Nothing to do but keep doing.

Dance, you dragons, dance, dance...


Jose Sarmento
Sep. 18th, 2012 09:21 am (UTC)
World and Winds
If you find yourself thinking "hey, this Rhaenyra story would make for a neat 3-volume saga", it's probably safer to put it on hold for now. :)

A while ago you mentioned the benefits of multiple projects to work on. I was wondering if the particular situation of "concurrently" writing Winds of Winter and (your part in) World of Ice and Fire is better or worse in that regard?

On the one hand, a combined wider scope to write as your muse takes you, without having to leave Westeros. If you want a break from writing PoV chapters, you can pick an interesting "sidebar" to work on.

On the other hand, being the same universe I imagine it is possible that when you don't feel like working on World you also don't feel like working on Winds. And if you do alternate between the two projects, different characters / eras seems more confusing to tackle (the main story alone being complex enough).


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