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Back Home

Got back from LA yesterday evening.

I had a great visit out there... well, aside from losing the Emmy (I am now 0-4 all time), but it IS an honor just to nominated, yadda yadda yadda. Some amazing meetings followed, with some amazing people, most of which I can't tell you about... yet. But maybe one day.

And it's always nice to be back in Santa Fe, with Parris, the cats, and the minions. And to escape the LA heat as well.

But the amount of crap that has piled up in my absence is daunting. There's just too damn much. Even with three assistants, I am falling further and further behind, and more and more stuff keeps getting dumped on my plate. Somehow just walking back into my office after a trip sends my stress level ratcheting up to ten. Or maybe to a hundred, depending on your scale.


There is no help for it, I suppose. Price of success, and all that. And I know, lots and lots of folks would love to have my problems. No one needs to tell me that.

Even so...

(Today's football games did not much help my mood either. Life is meaningingless and full of pain...)


Oct. 1st, 2012 02:32 pm (UTC)
Don't worry...be happy...
Sorry to hear that you are soo stressed out and that you have so many things piling up, but there always a light at the end of the tunnel. Why don't you give yourself a few days and do nothing...I know that sounds like the opposite of what you should be doing, but sometimes if one is stressed out and pushes himself or herself to deal with things head-on with no rest or time-off, the results might not be as satisfactory as expected.

If you are in rough shape and try to deal with all that is in front of you, then you might not manage to accomplish all that you want! Perhaps some time away from it all (which doesn't include meeting producers, answering e-mails, nor trying to appease your fans etc.) will give you the energy you need, so that when you get back you'll have a new focus and new motivation...Its a kind of more with less type of deal.

Anyways I hope you manage to get some rest and relax a bit!


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