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Best Fans Ever

I've always said that I had the best fans in the world.

Now VULTURE has made it official.

See here:


Take a bow, all of you. Westeros rules... because of you.


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Oct. 18th, 2012 01:59 am (UTC)
The fans reflect the source.
Oct. 18th, 2012 02:00 pm (UTC)
Could not have said it any better. But I don't see how, numerically, we come even close to the monolithic fanbases of star wars, trek, or harry potter. Perhaps we are the most hardcore, the most fanatic? Yes, absolutely. Quality over quantity I always say. Like the last two books, which were perfect in every sense.

I got involved with the fandom in 2009, methinks. Never looked back. Great discussions on westeros, led me to the con life (late in the game and old in the tooth i admit), and the gatherings. i have dropped more money than I care to count on traveling and eating and imbibing, but great company. I am glad I retired this year so I can finally put work behind me and enjoy the finer things in life, like the best fandom in the world.
Oct. 18th, 2012 03:02 am (UTC)
"Despite a nerd-alert review by the New York Times that said it only appeals to “Dungeons & Dragons types,” aficionados of both the books and the TV series extend well beyond the fantasy crowd."

Absolutely true. (And some people still wonder why the NY Times is not taken seriously anymore?)
David Bowden
Oct. 18th, 2012 03:14 am (UTC)
With Justin Bieber at 5 and Twilight at 3... I'm not sure what that really says about us...
Oct. 18th, 2012 04:13 am (UTC)
You've changed my life and your books have gotten me through the worst of times. And I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of people like me. Far and away, you have earned that recognition.
Eddie Laxner
Oct. 18th, 2012 05:23 am (UTC)
I'm happy to say I'm one of those tattooed freaks--winter is coming-- that the article mentions. Kudos to you, George, for making such a wonderful story to be obsessed with.

Edited at 2012-10-18 05:25 am (UTC)
Oct. 18th, 2012 05:58 am (UTC)
465k twitter followers? You're on twitter?
Oct. 18th, 2012 04:31 pm (UTC)
No, not really.
Hunter Baldwin
Oct. 18th, 2012 06:08 am (UTC)
best writer ever!!
Andy Pope
Oct. 18th, 2012 06:14 am (UTC)
'They buy replica swords' the article says. I'm still at a loss that I did buy replica swords as I've never owned a sword in my life, but who can say no to a shiny Valyrian Steel Longlaw and Ice.

Thanks for this wonderful series George. I generally find it hard to read books, but somehow read your so far 5000 page series cover to cover in a very short space of time.
Oct. 18th, 2012 08:51 am (UTC)
Hey, you might be intrigued by this.

If you ever wondered what could ASOIAF possibly have to do with politics, there it is :)
Oct. 18th, 2012 10:30 am (UTC)
Spoiler in the article
Makes me sad, they mention the Red Wedding in the article. They really shouldn't, IMO.
Oct. 18th, 2012 06:02 pm (UTC)
How do you feel about the "most pirated show of 2012" part?
Oct. 18th, 2012 08:14 pm (UTC)

I suppose it is flattering, in a way.

Still pisses me off.

But there doesn't seem to be much that can be done about it.
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Billy Donato
Oct. 19th, 2012 01:38 am (UTC)
fan of brilliance
definatly dont have to be a "dungeons and dragons type of nerd" or whatever the ny post said to love GoT, just got to like great story telling that only george has the guts to bring us. TY GEORGE! I am definatly going to be getting your books since im such a huge fan of the show. keep up the tremendous work
Oct. 19th, 2012 04:05 am (UTC)
Only noticed too late that I'd never run into the party at Chicon. I really wanted to see what the gustatory maguffin would be. Italian beef? Maxwell St. Polish? Pizza would have been too easy.
Oct. 19th, 2012 05:01 am (UTC)
Alas, we ended that tradition. THe numbers of wannabee knights simply grew too large. Reno was the last straw. The BWB suite on quest night turned into a scene from CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS.
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Oct. 19th, 2012 04:22 pm (UTC)
Speaking of fandom and fans, does anyone here also like Wheel of Time?? The finale is coming out in Jan, by the way.
Aaron Galbraith
Oct. 19th, 2012 05:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks G-money...
...we know we are the best. /grin

Keep up the great work!
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