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Love Them Heifers

Who says that Cersei Lannister is a cold, calculating, uncaring sort of queen?

Far from it. Her Grace loves the simple folk, and to prove it, here's a swell new picture of her getting all nekkid just to help them buy some cows, sheeps, and goats...


The art is by Lee Moyer, a lover of the classic pin-up girl and doer of good deeds. It's part of his soon-to-be-released 2013 Literary Pin-Up calendar, all of the proceeds of which will go to Worldbuilders on behalf of Heifer International.

Cersei will be in good company. This year's calendar also features brand new, never before pin-ups of characters created by Peter S. Beagle, Ray Bradbury, Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher, Jacqueline Carey, Neil Gaiman, Charlaine Harris, Robin Hobb, N.K. Jemisin, Terry Pratchett, and Patrick Rothfuss. All guaranteed saucy. So if you're a lover of fantasy, of "good girl" art, literature, the female form, or feeding the world's poor... actually, helping them feed themselves... this is a calendar you need to have.


Best of all, you can pre-order NOW. Just go to:


My hat is off to Lee Moyer, and to the tireless and talented Patrick Rothfuss, who put this whole thing together. "If we can get the word out," Rothfuss writes, "I know it will raise a lot of money for Heifer International." Let's make it so, boys and (yes) girls.


Oct. 30th, 2012 02:05 pm (UTC)
Speaking of calendars... do they have clocks and calendars in Westeros, because I am reading The Measure of Reality: Quantification and Western Society, 1250-1600. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997, by Alfred W. Crosby
and he says the clock was probably invented in the 1270's, in 1314 Caen installed a clock on a bridge, clocks are refered to in Dante's Paradiso (circa 1320), in 1335 Galvano della Fiamma describes a clock that hammers each hour of the day (1 strike for 1 am, 2 strikes for 2 am etc) because clocks didn't yet have faces or hands. The famous Strasbourg clock was begun in 1352 and finished in two years... Crosby also speculates that the clock was invented by a member of the Cistercian order (who were technologically inclined because their abbots were certain that grace somehow correlated with efficiency). He also speculates that it was invented in Northern Europe, where the seasonal variation in day lenght and and the inequality of the unequal hours was greater than in Mediterranean Europe and the water in water clocks more apt to freeze. Northern France, the motherland of Gothic architecture and polyphony where innovation was bounding haead in the 13th century seems a sensible choice.
So having come across this wonderful knowledge, I was unable to stop myself from sharing it.


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