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One Savage Sunday

That was one horrible day of football.

The Jets lost and the Giants won, which normally would have triggered one of my "life is full of ups and downs" posts. The afternoon victory by Big Blue should have washed out the pain of the morning loss by Gang Green. Not today, though.

The Jets game... what can I say about the Jets game? They lost to the Miami Dolphins, at home. They are supposed to be a better team than the Fins. They beat the Fins earlier in the year in Miami. But okay, this is the NFL, upsets happen. This wasn't just a loss, though, this was a drubbing, a humiliation. The Dolphins spanked the Jets in every aspect of the game. Offense, defense, coaching, special teams... oh my god, special teams. The Jets have Mike Westhoff, one of the best special teams coaches in the NFL, but today they got owned. A blocked punt leading to a TD, a blocked field goal, an onsides kick that took the Jets completely by surprise, big runbacks... it was one punch in the gut after another.

Mark Sanchez's stat line will not look awful tomorrow, but only because he racked up some cheap yards and a cheap TD in garbage time. When it was still a game, he was awful. He held the ball too long, and when he threw it, it went high, it went low, it went awry. Not that it mattered, because the Jets don't seem to have any wideouts who can catch it anyway. I have been a supporter of Sanchez in this whole Tebow mess, but I have to admit, I am losing faith. He seems to be getting worse, not better. Not that I believe Tebow is the answer either. Yes, maybe Rex should put him in next game. Hell, he should have put him in THIS game, Mark wasn't getting it done. But Tebow is fool's gold, he won't save anything. We need another QB. What the hell is Chad Pennington doing these days?

So that was awful, but then the afternoon arrived, and with it the Giants. Surely they would defeat the hated Dallas Cowboys to avenge the opening day loss, I figured.

Well, they did. Kinda sorta. They won. Counts in the standings. Helps to solidify their grasp on first place in the NFL East. The Gmen are now 6-2 (actually, they seem to end up 6-2 every year, it is always the second half of the season that's the problem), with the Eagles and Cowboys at 3-4 and the Redskins at 3-5. So that's good. And the game was incredibly exciting as well. A great game, if you like suspense and don't especially care who won... but for a Giants fan, it was agonizing, and I cannot even imagine how painful it was for any Dallas Cowboys fan (vile hellspawn that they are ).

It was not, however, by any stretch of the imagination a well-played game by the Giants. And I LIKE to see my team play well, whether in victory or defeat. This victory was a gift of the gods... them, and Tony Romo.

It began well enough, admittedly. Romo threw an INT, and then another, and then a third, and by the time we were a couple minutes into the second quarter, the Giants were up 23-0 and the talking heads (one of whom was Troy Aikman, an awful commentator, especially on Cowboys games) were nattering about blowouts. Even then, though, I felt disquieted. Romo and the 'Boys were doing all they could to hand the game to New York, but the Giants were not driving the nails into the coffin. Aside from JPP's pick-six (a great play), they were turning all these Dallas turnovers into field goals, not touchdowns. Settling for three points when you should be getting seven will always get you into trouble in the NFL. I have watched enough games to know that sooner or later the gifts will stop, and then the game can turn. NFL teams are like zombies: not enough to put them down, you have to FINISH them, shoot them in the head. Always double-tap, or they will rise again.

And so it was. Up 23-0, the Giants were driving when Ahmed Bradshaw fumbled... the first mistake that Big Blue made, and one that ultimately led to no points, yet somehow that changed everything. You could almost HEAR the momentum shift. And all of a sudden Romo was throwing the ball to the guys in the white uniforms instead of the guys in blue, and shredding Big Blue's vaunted defense. From 23-0 it went to 23-7, then 23-10 at the half. After intermission, Dallas came out and drove right down the field to make it 23-17, and all of a sudden the blowout had become a game again (Even Troy noticed). Every Romo completion felt like a punch in the gut.

"I cannot BELIEVE this is happening," I kept saying, but happen it did. When the Giants got the ball back, their offense did nothing. Way too many three-and-outs. The running game was not clicking, and Eli's receivers started dropping the ball again, just as they had in the opener against Dallas. (What is it with Victor Cruz? He's all-pro against every other team in the league, but both times we've faced Dallas this season he has a sudden case of the dropsy). Late in the third quarter, Romo engineered yet another drive, ending with the same bloody rollout play he'd used to score a 4th down TD on his last drive. That time he ran, this time he threw, but the result was the same, and suddenly Dallas was WINNING 24-23.

It was the biggest comeback in the history of the Dallas Cowboys, and I felt sick.

Fortunately, they play four quarters in the NFL, not just three. And the fourth quarter belongs to Eli Manning. Usually. Tonight? Not so much. Yes, the Giants "came back" to win the game... but truthfully, Dallas gave it to them with two more huge mistakes. First Felix Jones runs right into his own man's ass, and puts the ball on the ground. The Giants recover the fumble, and Eli turns it into another field goal. Now it's Gmen 26-24. But their offense still can't score touchdowns, and the way the Dallas O was moving, with Witten and Austin, I had ZERO faith in that two point lead holding up. I felt marginally better later in the quarter, when the Giants tacked on another field goal and made it 29-24. A five point lead at least meant that Dallas would need to score a TD. But I still felt uneasy.

And with good reason. Sure enough, here comes Romo again, and down the field they come, and.... YES! Another INT!!! Four on the day! That should have ended it. Really. Truly. That should have written FINIS.

It didn't. All the Giants needed was one first down. Ten yards. So they ran the ball, and ran the ball, and ran the ball, and got nine-and-a-half yards. Dallas burned all its timeouts, but still got the ball back. And yet another drive. Clock ticking, Cowboys driving, my heart in my throat... it looked at one point as if the Giants had stopped them with a sack, but a crappy bogus holding call gave Dallas a reprieve... they were still at midfield, but there were only seconds left, so Romo heaves this Hail Mary to the endzone...

And seven bloody hells, Dez Bryant CAUGHT it, and fell on his ass in the endzone with what looked to be the winning TD.

It wasn't. Thank the gods, but Bryant has a big big hand, and as he landed the tips of his fingers touched the white beyond the endzone a split second before his butt thumped down. A bigger butt, or a smaller hand, and Dallas would have won the game. Instead the TD call was reversed, the pass was incomplete. Romo still got off three more passes (with TEN seconds left! how did we let THAT happen!!), but the last sailed high, and the Giants won.

Or rather, the Cowboys lost.

We'll take the win, but really, this was not a victory to take pride in. Game ball should have gone to our Scottish Kicker, whose field goals counted for most of the New York points. The rest was Tony Romo. I am SO glad Tony is on Dallas, and not my team. The guy would drive me crazy. You never know which Tony you're going to get. This game, Bad Tony showed up for the first quarter, but in the second and third Good Tony took his place, and was basically unstoppable. Fourth quarter the two of them alternated, with Bad Tony throwing the last pick, and Good Tony leading the final drive and lofting that bomb to Bryant.

It was incomplete, yeah, the refs made the right call when they reversed it... but there was no sense in which the Giants can take credit for that. They did not pressure Romo enough, and the coverage broke down in the endzone. It was pure luck that Dez's fingers touched the white before his butt landed on the green.

The Giants had this game not once, but twice... and twice they gave it away. Only the Cowboys would not take it. Good thing, too. Blowing a 23-0 lead would have been horrible. And coming back, retaking the lead, getting that final INT, and then STILL losing on a six-seconds-left Hail Mary would have been even worse.

One of these days, one of my football teams is going to stop my heart. The Giants almost did it today. We really need to get that home defibrillator, I swear...



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Oct. 29th, 2012 04:24 pm (UTC)
That was TOO close for my liking in regards to the Giants game...and the Jets were on TSN's 'Worst Play of the Day' so I knew it was not good....

My Ravens lost :( Hopefully things go well with YOUR ravens.

And do be careful George! With your vast ammount of work and panic-inducing football games...well, we're not ready for you to go yet! but I know you're healthy as an ox :D
Oct. 29th, 2012 04:46 pm (UTC)
"Tebow is fool's gold." It could not be said better. I love it.
Oct. 29th, 2012 05:38 pm (UTC)
Would now be a good time to gloat that the Patriots did a fine job in jolly ol' England?
Mike Riddle
Oct. 29th, 2012 06:17 pm (UTC)
Sorry George, but the Jets weren't the better team on the field either time they played the dolphins. The first game, the Jets were dominated on all sides of the ball and still managed to win, but it took two missed field goals by the dolphins and a couple of mistakes by the rookie quarterback still adjusting to the speed of the NFL.

Unfortunately for your team, you don't have a viable quarterback. Perhaps they should trade the fins for Moore? He is the third best QB in the AFC east after all behind Brady and Tannehill.
Oct. 29th, 2012 06:46 pm (UTC)
Just become a Pats fan, George! I'll welcome you to the club like you've always been there. It's fun, and you think we're unbeatable, until we lose in the superbowl every time.
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 29th, 2012 11:07 pm (UTC)
I think it's insane.

As I recall, when the NFL started its World League a decade or so ago, the London franchise (the Monarchs, was it?) was among the first to fold. They got little or no fan support. In fact, almost all the teams folded except the ones in Germany and (I think) the Amsterdam Admirals. Even the Barcelona Dragons didn't make it, despite their cool name. And the distance between London and the US would make travel a huge problem. West coast teams already complain about having to fly to the east coast, imagine if they had to fly to London... and the London team would be at a huge disadvantage having to travel to the US eight times a year. Unless they decided to bring back the Concorde, just for the NFL...
Oct. 30th, 2012 10:22 am (UTC)
Death & taxes both certain but you don't die every year
Yes, Monarchs. UK taxman (bless his li'l cotton socks) grabs circa 45% of 'foreign' players' total income (Aaarr - thank'ee kindly Jim lad) even if play only one UK game. Hope Pats/Rams know this. Plus side - Brit universities growing Yank football fanbase. There's even Dragons (of Westminster). Where else? Just ask Guy Fawkes.

Edited at 2012-10-30 03:18 pm (UTC)
Jared Grigsby
Oct. 29th, 2012 10:13 pm (UTC)
I love your books, but by the seven, so bloody glad that my phins spanked your J-E-T-S like the naughty fools they are!
Oct. 29th, 2012 11:24 pm (UTC)
Well as a Cowboys fan I can't really feel for you. You were 1-1 this weekend and im at 0-1. Has to feel good having two favorite teams, chances are one will win. :) You New York fans you.

And I LOVE having Romo on my team, he is my favorite player on the team and gets far far far to much crap for what is wrong with Dallas. So far this is his worse start to a year, but a lot of it is not his fault alone. 3 years in and he is still having to tell Dez Bryant what to do on the field.

What is wrong with Dallas starts at the top spot, our owner/GM who is crap but doesn't have to answer to anyone. Dangerous way to do business having a GM who has no one to answer to no matter how bad he is.

Anyway, we handed you the game in the First Quarter and still managed to almost beat you, if Dallas can get any bit of consistency they will be better, I hope to see the Giants in the Playoffs. As for the Jets, well that team is just a mess, I picked the Dolphins defense because they were going against the jets for my fantasy. (I originally had the Jets Defense but since its just gone down the gutter I had to abandon that ship). Could be worse, you could be an Eagles Fan. :)

Love your work George!

Based on the types of teams and some of the characters you have, id love to see what teams or players would be favorites to some of your characters. If Jamie was an NFL fan, what would his team be?

Edited at 2012-10-29 11:28 pm (UTC)
Oct. 30th, 2012 07:01 pm (UTC)
Character' s Fav Teams
Sam's would be the Ravens, lol.
Jamie's, he probably switches-- one day the Patriots, sometimes the Vikings, other times the Raiders-- you know, who ever is coming up shorthanded at that time
Oct. 30th, 2012 01:54 am (UTC)
The fans who complain about your NFL posts don't know what they're missing. It was the Battle of the Blackwater all over again.

I've got Dec 16th circled. Your Giants vs my Falcons. (The Giants may very well be the only team with a winning record the Falcons play all season.)
Oct. 30th, 2012 05:34 pm (UTC)
Order me a defibrillator too
My wife says Sunday is our day of rest and relaxation, and if any more Giant games go like this, she's going to exile me to a sports bar.
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