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I Hate Football

The Giants were awful.

The Jets were worse.

Life is meaningless and filled with pain.

'nuff said.



Nov. 13th, 2012 04:36 am (UTC)
Was Football Always Popular in the American Consciousness?
Hi George,

Sorry about the Jets and Giants.

I know football is near and dear to your heart (as it is for many Americans). Was this always the case?

I'm in my mid-fifties; born and raised in Canada. As a youngster my focus was more on the CFL than the NFL. Over the years, I've been exposed to a lot of U.S. made film and television. And, to the best of my recollection, much of the American zeitgeist in the forties and fifties was focused on baseball. I can think of several films centered around the sport of baseball (Pride of the Yankees, Eight Men Out, Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, etc.) But I can't say the same for football. I can think of only a few films where football was featured in some degree: Knute Rockne, Rudy, Brian's Song and, most recently, The Blind Side.

Nowadays, it seems like having football and/or military service on your resume is a great plus. Did football always rank high on the American consciousness? Or was there a specific turning point in football history which popularized football into the juggernaut it is today? I'm going to assume it was the birth of the SuperBowl.

Just wondering if you can shed a little light in this area.

Much appreciated.

-- Ray
Nov. 13th, 2012 07:29 pm (UTC)
Re: Was Football Always Popular in the American Consciousness?
Baseball still calls itself "the national pastime," but pro football has been the more popular sports since at least the 70s. The Superbowl has long since eclipsed the World Series as the most popular sporting event in the US.

That being said, baseball is still the more "literary" sport, for whatever reason. Many more books and stories have been written about baseball, real and fictional, than all other sports combined. The same is true of film, as you point out.

I have done my own part to redress that imbalance, by the way. Back in the 70s I wrote two SF/ football stories, "Run To Starlight" and "The Last Super Bowl" (which is about to be outdated). Though I do like baseball, I have never written a baseball story. Maybe one day.


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