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Big Blue Returns

My beloved New York Giants cut their annual November swoon a bit short this year, aided and abetted by their bye. After [only] a two-game losing street, Eli and Big Blue emerged from the doldrums last night in the Meadowlands, thoroughly dominating the formidable Green Bay Packers and sacking Aaron Rodgers five times on the way to a convincing 38-10 win.

The most reassuring sight for Giants fans was Eli Manning, playing once again as he did at the start of the season. Eli had been badly off for at last three games, maybe four. It was great to see him looking sharp again. Hakeem Nicks also played very well, though he's still a long way from one hundred per cent. Victor Cruz had his moments too, though he also had a couple of bad drops, which does concern me. Cruz is capable of making huge plays after the catch, but he seems to have developed an unfortunate tendency to look downfield before he actually secures the ball, which results in these drops.

The Giants defense also looked great. Five sacks, and they created plenty of havoc, with a couple of INTs and a fumble. Early in the game, coverage broke down on one play, resulting in the only Packer TD of the night, but after that Big Blue shut down the Green Bay passing game completely.

It was sad to see Kenny Phillips go down again. Last night was his first game back after injury, you don't like to see the guy get hurt again.

Aside from that, however, a strong performance, a good night.

Life is magical and filled with joy.

(Kickass episode of BOARDWALK EMPIRE last night as well. Next week's finale should be something).



Nov. 28th, 2012 08:23 pm (UTC)
Hopefully Phillips will be fine going forward. His comments seem to suggest that. Fingers crossed. The loss of Andre Brown is serious. I would like to have seen the Giants pickup Ryan Grant but that only because of name recognition. Reese and the crew will need to pull a rabbit out. Or, Wilson will have to uncork some long plays on screens in order to put a halt to the blitzing the Giants are sure to get every time he's in the backfield.

On a happy note, Hakeem looked healthier and Randle is getting better.
Nov. 28th, 2012 11:33 pm (UTC)
Well, the G-Men just signed two running backs to help fill in for Brown, but it remains to be seen if either one will have much impact. They're journeymen guys who have bounced around from team to team. The best hope is that David Wilson makes the most of this chance, and the carries that will now come his way. Wilson has shown some real flashes this season... the big knock on him is that he has yet to master blitz pickup, which could be bad news for Eli.


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