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Oh, My Poor Jets

Yes, they won today. They beat the Arizona Cardinals 7-6.

In all my years of watching NFL football, I don't think I ever seen a more dreadful game. I suppose I could argue that both defenses played wonderfully, but no, the offenses stank up the joint.

I had to keep looking at the sideline shots to make sure Rich Kotite hadn't come sneaking back to coach the Jets again. But no, that was still Rex Ryan.

After Mark Sanchez threw three interceptions, Rex finally pulled him and put in Greg McElroy, who threw for the Jets only score. McElroy did energize the crowd, but he did not exactly light up the joint. It was mostly Shonn Green and the running game that moved the ball.

Will it be Sanchez, McElroy, or Tebow next week? No idea. I doubt Rex knows either.

Sigh. Suffering is the lot of the Jets fan. It's all because Joe Willie made that deal with Satan at the crossroads...



Dec. 4th, 2012 04:59 pm (UTC)
I have a cousin that is a foreign national and lives on the other side of the Atlantic. We write one another frequently and about 12 years ago he became a Patriots fan. He tells me the process was accidental, yet I have a sneaking suspicion it was just so we would have one thing to bicker about. My being a Ravens fan and all.

We were going over this weekends results and the Jets came up. I kind of like the Jets, even if they compete in the AFC. Both of us agree that you guys, the fans, are in a world of pain right now.

I hope Ryan is able to clean that offense up this year so they can play some real ball.

Tebow? Maybe. If they don't play the guy after he heals then the should at least trade him somewhere where they'd use him. Carolina?

I don't know is going on with Sanchez at all.


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