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Football Ruminations

So the AFC and NFC championship games have been played, and it turns out this year's Superbowl will be the Bro-Bowl. Say, are there any other Harbaughs at home? I know plenty of NFL teams in need of better coaches.

With both of my beloved New York teams out of the playoffs, I have a lot less emotionally invested in the games, but I still watch. I am a fan of good football... especially good defense... no matter who is playing. This year's playoffs did not feature much in the way of defense, sadly, but there have been some very exciting games, for those who enjoy a lot of scoring. Today's championship games were both terrific. I can't believe that Atlanta blew the morning game after opening up a 17-0 lead, must confess... if it had been the Giants or Jets, I would still be frothing at the mouth. I did enjoy the late game. Though I no longer have anyone to root for in these playoffs, so long as the Patriots were in the hunt I had a villain to root against... and now they are gone, thanks to Flacco and Ray-Ray. Goodbye, Evil Little Bill.

(The real stunner was last week's Denver-Baltimore game. It still boggles me that the Ravens tied that one and won it in OT. I mean, down a touchdown, no timeouts, only 35 seconds left, on their own twenty. All the Denver D needed to do was make sure no one got behind them for a touchdown. Even if Flacco had tossed a 70-yard bomb, so long as they kept the receiver out of the endzone, the Broncos were fine... with the time remaining, the clock would have run out before the Ravens could sprint downfield and set up for another play. But no, somehow, somehow, they give up the tying TD. Sigh. Whatever happened to DEFENSE??? No one plays it any more).

The other unbelievable NFL news comes from my Jets. So at the end of the season they fire Mike Tannenbaum, their GM. Tanny was a salary cap specialist, and everyone says Gang Green's draft and free agent moves suffered as a result. They needed a real football guy to evaluate personnel, supposedly, not a bean counter. So the Jets interview half the bloody league, candidate after candidate, many with great credentials in personnel, and what do they finally do?? They hire another bean counter, a salary cap specialist from the Seahawks. Oh, he has "attended some personnel meetings," we are told. Only the Jets.

They also fired Tony Sparano as offensive coordinator, because, after all, the Jets were 6-10. To replaced him, they bring in the OC from the Eagles, who finished 4-12. Only the Jets.

And then there is Manti T'eo and his imaginary girlfriend. The way things are going, the Jets are probably going to take him with their first round pick in the draft. You saw it here first.



Bobby Skelton
Jan. 21st, 2013 12:29 pm (UTC)
Bring back the D!

Like you I enjoy watching the games where the offenses have to scrap for every yard. Unfortunately, with the rules that have been put in place over the recent years there is just way too much advantage to the offenses and the qb.

For instance, yesterday on an important third down stop late in the second half, the falcons forced an incompletion and a punt.... Except for the d lineman pressuring the quarterback swiped his hand at the ball, made incidental contact with Kaepernicks helmet (could hardly be called a slap), so the refs gave them 15 yards and a first down.

Compare this with in the late game where Tom Brady takes off for a run, and when he slides to the ground to protect himself, sticks his leg high in the air kicking the would be tackler in the thigh. Yet no flag, no nothing, because fans want to see points on the board.

There have been times where I've been engrossed in games this year, only to be completely taken out of it when the defender was flagged for tackling too hard, and I just changed the channel.

Oh well, lets just make it the National Flag Football League and call it a day, because you know, people love seeing BIG numbers on the score board.

Rant off, haha, lets just hope the refs stay out of the Super Bowl.
Jan. 21st, 2013 04:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Bring back the D!
I agree with you about both of those... the bullshit call and the non-call against Brady.


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