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It's the Pits

Son of Homer.


Jan. 25th, 2013 12:22 am (UTC)
I'll take a shot at it
I'm going to start with Batrachomyomachia. It's comic parody of the iliad, written by Homer, that features frogs. The story is translated into "The Battle of Frogs and Mice".

From wiki: "A mouse drinking water from a lake meets the Frog King, who invites him to his house. As the Frog King swims across the lake, the Mouse seated on his back, they are confronted by a frightening water-snake. The Frog dives, forgetting about the Mouse, who drowns. Another Mouse witnesses the scene from the bank of the lake, and runs to tell everyone about it. The Mice arm themselves for battle to avenge the Frog King's treachery, and send a herald to the Frogs with a declaration of war. The Frogs blame their King, who altogether denies the incident. In the meantime, Zeus, seeing the brewing war, proposes that the gods take sides, and specifically that Athena help the Mice. Athena refuses, saying that mice have done her a lot of mischief. Eventually the gods decide to watch rather than get involved. A battle ensues and the Mice prevail. Zeus summons a force of crabs to prevent complete destruction of the Frogs. Powerless against the armored crabs, the Mice retreat, and the one-day war ends at sundown."

The word also means, "much ado about nothing", "A storm in a puddle", or "a silly altercation".

There's a book on Amazon called 'The battle of the frogs and the mice' authored by a George Martin. A coincidence, or you've been googling yourself, George.

The frog in the picture is Froggy The Gremlin. He was a character on the Smilin' Ed's Gang radio and TV show and later Andy's Gang TV show in the 1940s and 1950s. D'oh! He was also an alter ego in 'The Armageddon Rag', a 1983 GRRM book. That's what I get for being an exclusive ASOIAF reader.

I may have taken the frog as too much of a clue.

BUT WAIT, TV Tropes has a more thorough explanation of the story.
"The frog king Puff-jaw offers to receive Crumb-snatcher as a guest before he takes him across the lake and accidentally drowns him"

Maybe someone is going to offer to take Tyrion or Daenerys across the "lake" and they drown. I'm jumping to all kinds of conclusions. I'd rather guess at an actor or actress, but I kind find a good trail to begin.

Unless you got Brad Pitt, who was in Troy. But that's a little ridiculous. OR IS IT? Yeah, it is.

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