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It's cold in Iceland.

(Or so I hear. Never been there myself. Really need to rectify that).

Or so we're told, in the latest season 3 video from HBO:

Sad to say, I wasn't able to visit the shoot in Iceland for either season two or season three, but if we get a season four, maybe I can get over there this year.

I also want to stay at the Ice Hotel in Sweden. I must have Stark blood.


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Feb. 2nd, 2013 12:20 am (UTC)
Don't be afraid of cold. You more imagine...
Feb. 2nd, 2013 01:27 am (UTC)
ahhhhhhhhhhh! I can't WAIT!
Feb. 2nd, 2013 02:58 am (UTC)
Well, we have a lovely Ice Hotel in Montreal, too, you know - from mid-January to, I dunno, maybe the thaw in April? Filled with blocks of ice to sit and sleep on, lots of vodka (okay, ice wine would be more appropriate, but vodka's more warming, so I'm told) and, well, a great cultural city right at your feet!
Aman Senna
Feb. 2nd, 2013 06:09 am (UTC)
Logically, it is the last season of Iceland shooting... they shouldnt go back there for further seasons... North of the Wall do not appear anymore except for Bran's story arc and this could be shot in Ireland since it's only the Haunted Forest.

So this may well be our second and already last season in Iceland !
Feb. 2nd, 2013 01:54 pm (UTC)
Well, there are still two books to come and you don't know how much snow and ice will be in those. The Winds of Winter and all that. :-)

Provided HBO sticks with the series, or course.
Feb. 2nd, 2013 08:51 am (UTC)
Feb. 2nd, 2013 12:48 pm (UTC)
Stunning. Beautiful. The upcoming season will be awesome.

What do you mean if you get a season four????
Feb. 2nd, 2013 05:43 pm (UTC)
What part of Iceland are they filming in?
The proximity to the other European filming sites might make a big difference, but places in the Canadian prairies or Northern Manitoba or Northern Ontario could have done just as well, and been closer to civilization. It gets cold here, and we get lots of snow. You can find flat plains with no trees, shrub brush, tundra, rivers and mountains.

I am sure Iceland is beautiful and has unique aspects, but I don't buy the "there is nothing like it"

In the town I used to live in, it is 30 degrees colder than in Reykjavik right now.

the record low is -45.7, where the record low is 39.7 for northern Ireland.

I think the coldest it was when I lived there was -35 with a windchill of nearly minus 50.

This is of course all in Celsius... you know, the temperature system that makes sense.

METRIC RULES. The maesters would agree.
Feb. 3rd, 2013 06:29 am (UTC)
Re: I don't buy the "there is nothing like it"
Iceland is the only place the mid-Atlantic Ridge comes above sea level. It is entirely steam-heated.
I won't argue scenery one way or another, although there's a heck of a lot, but the fundamental landscape is unique.
Feb. 2nd, 2013 06:31 pm (UTC)
You can stay at the ice hotel in Quebec (Canada) if you want it will be great. It will be nice to see you here.
Thibault Durand
Feb. 3rd, 2013 10:15 am (UTC)
You know nothing, George Snow!
Ygritte greets from Iceland and says:
"You think it's cold out there? You know nothing George Snow!"

Feb. 4th, 2013 03:05 am (UTC)
"if" That's funny.
Feb. 5th, 2013 12:04 am (UTC)
Perhaps you recall that Iceland hosted the 1972 World Chess Championship in which Fischer surprised Spassky with, among other things, the Alekhine Defence. Heh. But back on topic, I am very much looking forward to season 3. Will have to wait awhile longer for Wild Cards tele, I surmise.

Edited at 2013-02-05 12:04 am (UTC)
Feb. 5th, 2013 01:01 am (UTC)
Go to Iceland
You haven't lived until you've taken a tour around the country and then enjoyed some alcohol with your newest drunkard on a brightly lit summer Saturday night in downtown Reykjavik.
Feb. 5th, 2013 06:59 am (UTC)
Where is the sweet in bittersweet?
ASOS is such a great book. I am excited to see it unfold in the t.v. medium! But here is my nagging question: Having just finished ADWD, and having heard that the ending of the series is supposed to be "bittersweet," where does the "sweet" start coming in? I feel like all I'm seeing is more and more bitter and I'm going to have to start doping myself w/ serotonin if it gets any sadder! (Kidding, of course, but really, are any of the characters going to be happy (or at least still living!) at the end of this thing?)
Feb. 6th, 2013 11:18 am (UTC)
Night gathers so begins our watching HBO. Can’t wait for the forthcoming show. Can’t wait for the book 6. But he that endureth to the end shall be saved! It is known.
Miguel Verssimo
Feb. 6th, 2013 02:36 pm (UTC)
don't know if you've seen this anywhere, but...: http://9gag.com/gag/6511800
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