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Coming Next Month

Coming in March... a new TV tie-in edition of A GAME OF THRONES for season three.

Game 2013 MTI trade

The new cover will be available on both mass market and trade paperback formats, I believe. Maybe on a hardcover reprint as well, though I am less sure of that. When I know for certain, I will pass along the info here.

FURTHER INFO. Ok, got a clarification. This new artwork will appear on the paperbacks, both mass market and trade. The hardcover will retain its present cover. Also, a repackage of A STORM OF SWORDS is also in the works, and will feature key art from the HBO series. I will post that here when it's ready.


Feb. 13th, 2013 09:47 pm (UTC)
ADWD U.S. paperback.
You've previously mentioned the postponements of the Bantam paperback is at the request of the booksellers.

It was postponed a fourth time and now the current release date is 10/29/13.

Is there anyway they could stop putting out these false release dates and wait until they have come to a decision to actually release it?

Many fans are clamoring for TWOW preview chapter ever since you confirmed it is not the Arianne or Theon chaper we have all read. Is it the Aeron chapter you were going to read at Worldcon in 2011?
Feb. 13th, 2013 11:58 pm (UTC)
Re: ADWD U.S. paperback.
I would not call them "false" release dates. They are real release dates. But yes, the date keeps getting pushed back.

Bantam, like all major publishers, does not sell directly to the readers, but rather to bookstores. We want to please the booksellers, especially the 600 pound gorillas like B&N and Amazon who buy hundreds of thousands of copies. And B&N and Amazon keep asking us to hold up the mass market, since the hardcover is still selling so strongly. (A "problem" most writers would kill to have).

Release of a mass market paperback tends to drive a spike through hardcover sales, so generally speaking a publisher wants to wait until the hardback has run its course before bringing out the cheaper edition. In this case, however, DANCE is behaving like the Energizer Bunny, so...

And hey, I just gave you guys the Arianne chapter. Let that one hold you for a while.


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