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Coming to Texas

I have a lot of readers in Texas, it would seem. Every time I make a book tour or attend a convention or blog about my travels to Europe or Australia or wherever, I get a rush of emails asking, "When are you coming to Texas?"

I can finally give the answer you Texans want to hear: I am coming to Texas NEXT WEEK.

I will be flying in on Thursday, March 21, to College Station, home of Texas A&M University, where my papers and manuscripts and such are all on deposit in Special Collections at Cushing Memorial Library. (A&M has one of the country's great SF and fantasy collections, a treasure trove for scholars of the genre). I'll be doing a reading, a signing, and speaking at a fundraising dinner, and many of my manuscripts and papers and collectibles will be on display.

DTS teaser

More information here: http://deeperthanswords.library.tamu.edu/

The library events, scheduled for March 21 and March 22, are all sold out, alas.

However, immediately after "Deeper Than Swords" comes AGGIECON, A&M's storied sf/fantasy convention. I am staying for that one as well, so if you miss me on Thursday and Friday, you can still catch me on Saturday and Sunday.

You can check out the Aggiecon details at http://cephvar.tamu.edu/aggiecon .

Sign up there or at the door. Besides me, Aggiecon 44 (I told you, this is an old and storied convention) will also feature Ernest Cline of READY PLAYER ONE fame, and a number of other great guests. Ty Franck (also known as the back half of James S.A. Corey) will be coming with me, Howard Waldrop says he'll be coming down from Austin, and some of my other Wild Cards writers may turn up too.

Last time I attended an Aggiecon it was... oh, I don't know, 1980 or thereabouts... but I have fond memories of past visits to A&M, most of them involving great Texas barbeque, too much bheer, pretty college girls, and Aggies in uniforms politely but firmly asking me to remove my hat. 'twill be interesting to see if any of that still applies. Somewhere in A&M's student union may be my lost youth... I know I had it the last time I visited...

And for those of you who can't make it to College Station... have no fear, I will be coming back to Texas again this year, for worldcon in San Antonio over Labor Day. It's too late to nominate for the Hugos now, but there's still plenty of time to sign up for LoneStarCon 3, and see them awarded.


Mar. 28th, 2013 09:18 am (UTC)
Great meeting you in Aggieland
It was great meeting you at the Cushing Library during the signing! All be it for only 30 seconds at most. Was hoping for a tiny bit more time at the signing table but alas your handlers were keeping that line moving at warp speed. Thank you for the signatures on my ADwD and my GoT RPG Deluxe Ed.

I do hope you will enjoy the Atlas of the Dragonlance World book and will hopefully understand my letter detailing the reason for the book and the references within. I believe it offers some great examples for a future ASOIAF atlas project that the fans, ASOIAF scholars and gamers would love. If we had more time I would have been better able to explain myself as I'm sure my short attempt at an explanation came out extremely jumbled in the rush.

I also very much enjoyed the lecture and the insight you gave us on your inspiration from literature. The explanation on the different levels of technology dependent upon geographical location also gave some much needed insight on the different cultures. I thought the part about how knights were the tanks of their time was also very helpful for those fans that are not historians. Thank you for the experience and best of luck on the ever increasing "To Do" list. Thanks again and Gig'em!


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