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Website Revamp

By popular request... a complete redesign and revamp of my website debuted today.

Same content. New look. More bells, more whistles, more functionality (we hope).

There will be a few bumps as we ease through the transition, but we should have everything smoothed out and running well before too long.

Let us know your thoughts.



Michael Bacher Hjorth
Mar. 28th, 2013 02:13 pm (UTC)
aim for the stars
Dear George R.R. Martin

At first glance it is a much better website than the old one.

I feel like Davos Seaworth standing up to Stannis Baratheon, but even writer-kings need hard truth!

I had to ask myself: is this website really showing what George R.R. Martin represents? If this website were, for example - a short story, what kind of short story would it be?

I came to the sad answer that the website does not reflect the qualities I have come to love about mr. Martins work. And if the website were a short story, it would be a very dull one - young adult fantasy, card board hero/villain hack'n'slash with the occasionally cheesy romance filler.

A very different fantasist, J.K. Rowling, managed to get a website that reflected her litterary qualities. It included small online flash-game puzzles and the like. Which made good sense in regards to her fictional world.

When I reread my Ice and Fire books I can feel the hard work that has come from tons of rewrites, like the fabled valyrian steel it has been heated, hammered, cooled and folded with spells and skills I can hardly imagine.

The web-people should take a leaf out of your book. Great authors should have great websites. Dont settle for nothing less. Put those web-grumkins and snarks back to work I say.

They should be able to do better than a grey slab of marble, that looks like a Dungeons and Dragons webpage.

I miss dirt and mud, blood and gore, rusted iron and squeaky wooden doors, characters in (more than fifty) shades of grey, hearts in inner conflict.

Love your work though George.

PS: Sorry about my rotten english, it is not my first language.


George R.R. Martin
George R. R. Martin

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