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Season Four!!!

HBO has officially renewed GAME OF THRONES for a fourth season. (And I'm almost finished with the first draft of my script. No, sorry, not going to tell you which one it is).


Record ratings for our season three premiere, "Valar Dohaeris."


Also (sigh) record levels of piracy.


On other topics... no, no, Peter Dinklage is NOT being replaced by Warwick Davis in the role of Tyrion. That was just HBO's little April Fools joke. (I was so busy I forgot to make my own April Fools joke). So calm down, boys and girls. Peter is still with us.


Thomas Hammond
Apr. 7th, 2013 04:17 pm (UTC)
Comment on Piracy
Hi George! You may see this one coming, I live in Australia! Our piracy issue in my opinion is one of digital availability. I have personally not seen Valar Dohaeris yet (watched the rest though!) as on the Venn Diagram of this situation, I fall between the categories "Does not torrent episodes of TV programs" and "Does not have pay-TV". However, I know that Season 3 has been broadcast 2 hours after the US broadcast on our pay-TV networks. This is awesome, and I think it's a great effort, but I think more can be done! Even with our crappy internet (don't even ask!), I would still like a way to stream it at a time after first broadcast, in such a way that the wonderful people who make the show are properly compensated, and I get a convenient, time & place independent experience watching the show.

I'm planning on picking up the Blurays of Seasons 1 & 2 on my next trip to the shopping mall, and I think I can comfortably wait for season 3 to be released on a disc format anyway (being a reader of the books, none of it is OMGSPOILER to me at this point, simply the joy of seeing the performances and production) but I can also see the need for HBO etc. to start recouping production costs immediately upon release, otherwise there's a chance the show won't get to continue. As an IT student, and a committee member in a campus Anime Club (we watch a lot of things), the digital availability/monetizing content balance is an issue I am passionate about having a crack at, but it's hard without a good idea of the realities of the studio end of things. Game of Thrones keeps smashing piracy records, which goes to show how incredibly popular it is (world's most popular show I'd say!), perhaps you and the producers are in a uniquely public position to have this conversation. I think you should all be rewarded for your works, and HBO should have a return on its investment, especially if we are to see the series made to completion! If GoT was the show that made a good attempt at fixing the media industry's biggest problem, it could make waves! Everyone needs to win here.

Keep up the good work, write at your pace too because I want time for several re-reads of the entire series before TWoW comes out, as I'm relatively new to the books!
Apr. 11th, 2013 01:19 am (UTC)
Re: Comment on Piracy
Hey there,

You know you can buy it on iTunes in Australia, right? $33 for the whole season in HD, about five bucks less for SD.

I'm also an Aussie, it downloads at about 1am every Tuesday morning... so only 2 days after the US. I'm pretty happy with that :)

Cheers, Aaron


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