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Lone Star GRRM

For those of you who couldn't make it to Texas for Aggiecon and Deeper Than Swords last month, the good folks at Texas A&M and the Cushing Memorial Library have thoughtfully videotaped my speech and uploaded it to YouTube.

So if you'd like to hear more about how a Jersey boy came to deposit his papers and manuscripts in College Station, you can hear all about my strange connection to Texas here:



Max Bolongaita
Apr. 4th, 2013 08:32 pm (UTC)
The previous message was not spam. I hope you read this, Mr. Martin.
Dear Mr. Martin,

I don't know if you still use this email. but it's worth a try. My name is Maxi Bolongaita and I'm from the small island of Cebu in the Philippines. Insignificant, I know, but please read on.

Seven or eight years back, a friend of mine, Miguel Ouano, introduced your book a Game of Thrones to us. Back then, books like that weren't popular in our country so there were very precious few copies going around. He introduced the book to us, first to his friends (my boyfriend included) and then to his friend's girlfriends. We had one copy, it was tattered and somewhat beaten up, but we all fell in love with it.

A few hours ago, this guy Miguel Ouano, died of a cardiac arrest. He had cancer of the nerves and he had been battling it for over a year until it relapsed. Sometime during the new year, the cancer reared its ugly head and the MRI showed that it had spread throughout his whole body. He was in a coma for the last few hours.

Miguel loved your books so much that he was fairly obsessed over the series and he even had the board game. We used to spend countless hours talking about Jaime and Cersei and how bad ass Tyrion was. When discussing who was the rightful King of the seven kingdoms, he was for Stannis Baratheon. He would go around and say he was Azor A'hai reborn. He would insert "for the night is dark and full of terrors" in ordinary conversations.

Essentially, this guy was probably your biggest fan in the whole of Cebu, Philippines.

If you would be so kind and if you could please share some kind words in memory of him, we, his friends and family, would greatly appreciate it. In retrospect, you and your books provided a respite for him in his time of great struggle.

thank you so much, sir.

Sincerely, Max B.
Apr. 22nd, 2013 08:52 pm (UTC)
Re: The previous message was not spam. I hope you read this, Mr. Martin.
oh wow... i'm really sorry for your loss, bro. i hope Miguel's loving memory burns brightly in your heart for the rest of your days... condolences friend.


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