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Dark Sword Strikes Again

My friends at Dark Sword Miniatures in Minnesota have released some terrific new figures in their range of Ice & Fire miniatures.

Here's Strong Belwas, sculpted by the incomparable Tom Meier and painted by the amazing Jen Haley.


And here's his travelling companion, Arstan Whitebeard, who may be more than he seems. Another Tom Meier sculpt, another Jen Haley paintjob.


The latest batch of "GRRM Masterworks" also includes Ser Jorah Mormont, Lady Margaery Tyrell, two new ladies of the court, and a battling brother of the Night's Watch, all by Tom Meier, and Balon Greyjoy of Pyke, sculpted by Jeff Grace. To see them all, and lots of other cool minis besides, visit Dark Sword's own website at http://darkswordminiatures.com/


Jay Sutherland
Apr. 9th, 2013 05:01 pm (UTC)
Re: Castings?
Hey there, Felicia. I have also been trying to get involved with the show for a long time, but you somehow need to get Nina Gold's casting department to pay attention to you - which isn't easy, I can tell you.

I've been acting professionally for 9 years and (without meaning to blow my own trumpet) am the lead in a feature film, yet I've still never even had the opportunity to audition for the show - it seems they only use actors from a selection of agencies. I have been proactive and put together my own audition video (which OTHER casting directors have contacted me about), but even doing that doesn't guarantee anything (I can't say whether it's helped me at all - and even George himself said in an interview recently that putting together your own audition video isn't necessarily the right way to go about it)! It's a very tough industry, so I wish I could suggest more, but sadly, there's a lot of luck involved! Just do what you can and try to be as proactive as possible.

Good luck with it all anyway and feel free to add me on facebook - as it's always good to keep in touch with other up-and-coming actors.

Edited at 2013-04-09 06:13 pm (UTC)


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