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NFL Draft

Round two of the NFL Draft kicks off in about an hour. Rumors are flying on the sports sites that the Jets are trying to trade up from the seventh slot to draft a QB. Boy, I sure hope not. None of the QBs available this year impress me as being much of an upgrade over Sanchez and Garrard. Maybe if one fell into their laps in, say, the third round... but in the second? When the team desperately needs help at so many positions? And trading UP to get him, which means giving up a lower round pick? That would be as foolish as trading away Revis.

The Jets flourished when Rex could run a ground-and-pound O. They have lost Shonn Greene, their starting RB. They should stay where they are and take the RB out of Alabama if he's still there at seven.

And don't get me started on the first round picks. All the mock drafts had the Jets getting Mingo and Austin at #9 and #13 in the first round. Wrong and wrong. The Browns took Mingo, and the the Rams traded up into the #8 slot ahead of the Jets to get Tavon. Once more, another team drank our milkshake.

Let us not compound the problems by chasing any of these QBs. Not one of them is a sure thing. Give me Eddie Lacy instead, and bring back the ground-and-pound. Sanchez plays best with play action, and that requires a strong ground game.



Apr. 27th, 2013 03:21 am (UTC)
100 percent certanty rex will be gone by the end of the season, if not midway through when they are 2-6. They are setting him up to fail, and are going to blame their failures on him. While I think his mouth sometimes go away with him, he's not a bad coach. Its the front office that absolutely stinks.

They did Sanchez a huge disservice last year with the tebow circus. While he's not a great QB, he is not terrible either. If he had an offensive line and people able to catch consistantly he'd do much better and his self confidence would not be in the toilet.

But he has to deal with buttfumble for the rest of his life.

(disclaimer, I'm a Pats fan)


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