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We're Number One...

... in graphic novels.

The second volume of the GAME OF THRONES graphic novel debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list:


(And, hey, the following week's list is out, and we're still number one).

My thanks and congratulations to Daniel Abraham (who wrote the script) and Tommy Patterson (who drew the pictures) and Mike S. Miller (who did the covers). They do all the real work on this one. This is their triumph, much more than mine.

I'm glad so many of you are enjoying the funny book.


Jul. 10th, 2013 11:00 pm (UTC)
Re: House Martell Casting
I believe that this issue as a whole rises from poor overall awareness and education to the racial and inter-racial diversity of humans as a whole.
The general knowledge was that humans are black and white, later expanded by Asian(yellow) and Hispanic(brown?), but within each of those groups the color scale is much wider than black and white.
"White" people range from "white"(mid,north Europeans) to "olive"(Italians, Greeks, etc.) to outright dark brown (caucasians for example).
"Asians" range from white through yellowish to dark brown as well.
"Hispanic" generally range on the brown scale and
"Black" range from light brown(Ethiopians for example) to borderline black brown(Sudan for example).

Another aspect of this dispute may be plain racism on both sides, both those who support the casting and those who don't, as racism is something common to all humans and not exclusive to and race or social structure. While the "offended" fans may deny it, their aggressive negative reaction to the casting is just as much racist as the aggressive reactions of those supporting it.

As it is typical for people, most do not bother to distinguish the differences between members of groups they do not belong to and as such see all "dark" as black and associate "brown" with white.
From here comes the disappointment many experience when seeing the actor who was cast for the role of Oberyn(though i myself imagined hims Spanish, Greek or Italian looking myself, but mostly by drawing a parallel between Westeros and Europe when it comes to visualizing characters), though i believe the make-up artists on the show will tone the actor to be darker, in my opinion his facial structure fits the one of Oberyn.

actually registered LJ to post this :)


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