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Breaking Bad

Amazing series.  Amazing episode last night.  Talk about a gut punch.

Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros.

(I need to do something about that).

This is the final season of BREAKING BAD.  I think GAME OF THRONES may have a shot at upsetting BB for this year's Emmy (only a shot, though, I think they are the clear favorite), which pits us against their previous season...  but there's no way in hell that anyone is going to defeat BREAKING BAD next year, when their last season is the one in contention.

Admittedly, trying to handicap the Emmys is a mug's game.  You never know.  But for what it's worth, I think this year is our best chance of actually winning one.  Given the splash the Red Wedding made, our profile is likely as high as it is ever going to be.  We had a great season.  If the Academy is ever going to give their ultimate accolade to a fantasy show (something that is by no means certain), it's going to be this year, I think.

But we'll see.  BREAKING BAD, MAD MEN, DOWNTON ABBEY, HOMELAND, and HOUSE OF CARDS will have something to say about that as well.  All good shows, I think.  A couple are great shows.  HOMELAND is the defending champ, MAD MEN's won four, and HOUSE OF CARDS has that whole "gamechanger" thing going for it.  Should be an interesting race.  We'll all know on September 22.


Sep. 17th, 2013 01:56 am (UTC)
Is Hank Schrader the Jon Snow of the ABQ?
Incredible episode last night. With Breaking Bad coming to a conclusion my heart hurts, but knowing we have Game of Thrones for years to come puts me a little bit more at ease.

Now, the SOIAF/Breaking Bad analogies have me thinking. Walt may indeed be the Tywin Lannister of Albuquerque but who resembles his noble brother-in-law? It has to be Jon Snow, right?

Hank is driven by duty. He lives and breathes his work with the DEA and is nearly uncompromising in the pursuit of justice. When all others dismiss the chase for Heisenberg, believe it to be a fool's mission, and doubt the extent of his influence, Hank persists. Even his own pursuit of his brother is relentless. Forget all the family barbeques, forget their relationship, justice is justice. For the good of the realm, er, the ABQ, Walt had to be stopped. Last night's episode showed the extent Hank was willing to go to stay true to himself!

I think Jon Snow has similar motives. Being a part of the Night's Watch, the realm's guardian/police force of the North, he has a duty to perform. The Watch has a code and emphasizes honor and protection. They protect the realm from those beyond the wall, just as Hank is responsible for protecting his region from external forces, some of those even coming from cartels beyond the United State's borders. Snow is adamant about following the code of the Watch, he believes in their cause and will do anything to realize that commitment. He wanted to be a ranger, strives to be on the front lines, accepts and desires responsibility. When those around him doubt their cause or ignore its magnitude, like Hank's focus on Heisenberg, Snow keeps the faith, stays focused. Both of these characters suffer physically and mentally for their beliefs, yet continue on.

Sure, there are some differences, they are at odds in aspects of their personalities, have complicated motivations, and they do not obviously share each other's looks. Although Hank's glimmering bald head and his warm, stocky frame may evoke the same heartfelt sensations as the devilish looks as Kit's Jon Snow. It's all in the eye of the beholder! :)

I am certainly savoring these next two weeks of Breaking Bad, with the likes of Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and many more shows on the air, this is one of the best periods of television in a long time. Looking forward to the Emmy's.

Jeff Bunting
Sep. 18th, 2013 02:46 am (UTC)
Re: Is Hank Schrader the Jon Snow of the ABQ?
Hank is not like Jon Snow, more like Eddard Stark.


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