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Breaking Bad

Amazing series.  Amazing episode last night.  Talk about a gut punch.

Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros.

(I need to do something about that).

This is the final season of BREAKING BAD.  I think GAME OF THRONES may have a shot at upsetting BB for this year's Emmy (only a shot, though, I think they are the clear favorite), which pits us against their previous season...  but there's no way in hell that anyone is going to defeat BREAKING BAD next year, when their last season is the one in contention.

Admittedly, trying to handicap the Emmys is a mug's game.  You never know.  But for what it's worth, I think this year is our best chance of actually winning one.  Given the splash the Red Wedding made, our profile is likely as high as it is ever going to be.  We had a great season.  If the Academy is ever going to give their ultimate accolade to a fantasy show (something that is by no means certain), it's going to be this year, I think.

But we'll see.  BREAKING BAD, MAD MEN, DOWNTON ABBEY, HOMELAND, and HOUSE OF CARDS will have something to say about that as well.  All good shows, I think.  A couple are great shows.  HOMELAND is the defending champ, MAD MEN's won four, and HOUSE OF CARDS has that whole "gamechanger" thing going for it.  Should be an interesting race.  We'll all know on September 22.


Gato Chungo
Sep. 19th, 2013 03:24 am (UTC)
Is WW really a mosnter? :|
... but I think that Walter said what he said at the phone 'cause he knew that he was being recorded! That way he has removed all guilt from her wife, as long as the police concerns: "I told you to keep your mouth shut", "you knew nothing (hehehe) of what was going on", "I threated you the whole time", bla bla bla (but he didn't mention her washing money nor her sending thugs to threat her former boss, or her suggesting to murder Jessie, etc). He was crying all the time, and he only called when he realized that Holly needed her mom. Also he leaves her in the firemen cuartel with a note, probably for them to return her. Also, he did tried to save Hank, twisting the situation desperately as he usually does, but unsuccesfully.
Aaaaand for the Pinkman affair, I think he was just extremely angry and dissapointed of him. That punchline about his girlf was him cutting all relationship with him (also, he probably now blames him in some way for Hank's death). Nevertheless, I still hope that the final episode will be about helping him to escape the fuckin' neonazis. I really loved WW up until he poisoned the child. That's a line he shouldn't have crossed! And his breaking up with Jessie and saying farewell to his family, is like his own inner death. I pity him! :(
That's why I didn't consider WW a monster, just a really fucked up desperate angry guy, like some comic strip I saw earlier surfing the web, if WW would have lived in some other country with a quality universal health access, BB would have finished in the pilot xDD
PD: I love cats too, and really enjoyed the Voyages of Tuf (I read it in spanish, so I don't know if that's the correct title). Peut-être Westeros needs cats. Lots of them. ASAP! xDDDDDDDDD


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