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Emmy Loves Us. Twice.

The Emmy Awards are starting off nicely for GAME OF THRONES this year, and fabulously for HBO.

In the Creative Arts Awards given on Sunday (sometimes called the 'technical Emmys'), GAME OF THRONES took two awards.

In Outstanding Special Visual Effects, GOT beat out  DEFIANCE, FALLING SKIES, HEMLOCK GROVE, and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: BLOOD & CHROME.  Our Emmy winners were

Joe Bauer ( Lead Visual Effects Supervisor), Jörn Grosshans, Visual Effects Supervisor), Doug Campbell, Visual Effects Supervisor), Steve Kullback, Lead Visual Effects Producer), Stuart Brisdon (Special Effects Supervisor), Sven Martin ( Lead Animation Supervisor), Jabbar Raisani (Visual Effects Plate Supervisor), Tobias Mannewitz (Visual Effects Concept Designer), and Adam Chazen (Visual Effects Coordinator).  They won for the episode "Valar Dohaeris."

For Outstanding Makeup For A Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic), the series finished on top of BOARDWALK EMPIRE, THE BORGIAS, GLEE, MAD MEN, and ONCE UPON A TIME.  They won for the episode "Kissed By Fire."  The Emmys went to  Paul Engelen (Department Head Makeup Artist), Melissa Lackersteen ( Key Makeup Artist), Daniel Lawson Johnston ( Makeup Artist), and Martina Byrne (Makeup Artist).

My heartfelt congratulations to our world-class SFX team and makeup artists.  Well deserved.

It takes a lot of people to make a quality show, and the craftsmen and artists who do all the 'below the line' jobs contribute just as much as the 'above the line' talent like the directors, actors, and writers, though they seldom receive the recognition they deserve.   So hats off to our terrific crew... not only Sunday's winners, but also all the other nominees from GAME OF THRONES, who lost out to other worthy shows.  (You wuz robbed, as we used to say in Bayonne)


HBO as a whole did even better, completely dominating the awards with 20 wins, way more than any other network.  CBS was a distant second with 15, and the totals plunged sharply after that.

For a full list of the winners and nominees:




Kate Turner
Sep. 19th, 2013 06:25 pm (UTC)
Just remember going in that it took The Sopranos five seasons (5!!) to finally win the award. If Breaking Bad wins on Sunday, it will have also taken five seasons, and that show achieved greatness very early on (the "Phoenix" episode is absolutely extraordinary). It's very difficult for non-traditional, non-prestige (though prestige is often mistaken for quality, sadly) shows to win the top award. It takes a confluence of factors: story (what's shown in the six tapes each series submits), timing and buzz, critical response, industry response and perception....the actual quality of the show's nominated season is very far down the list and only a small part of the equation.

As I said before, my hope with Game of Thrones is after this season and how the showrunners handle season four (hopefully it doesn't take over two full episodes to get the plot going and the Dany scenes don't always end the hour), I think it will become undeniable and sooo many people will be pushing for a win, like they did for Lord of the Rings at the Oscars. But who knows? These awards are damn near unpredictable, and while they are important, in the long run when you see shows like The Wire and Seinfeld go unrecognized or barely recognized, well...LOL!! My hope is the creative team will finally get their due; people don't realize how difficult the act of adaptation is and the scope of the accomplishment you guys are pulling off. It's unprecedented, on a scale never before seen on television, with a monster cast and locations all over the world. Hope this weekend's a blast, win, lose, or draw!


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