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George R.R. Martin

Tonight at the Cocteau

Two new... and very different... films will open at the Jean Cocteau tonight.

TOUCHY-FEELY tells the story of a massage therapist and her family.

And EXTRATERRESTIAL is our first Spanish language titles.  (Subtitled for English speakers).  Santa Fe, like Northern New Mexico in general, has a large Hispanic population, but very few of the local theatres ever show movies in Spanish, so we are hoping to make that a regular part of the mix.  ANd not just Spanish art films either, the kind that get entered at Cannes and compete for "Best Foreign Film" Oscars, but genre flicks as well.  EXTRATERRESTIAL comes to us from the Spanish director Nacho Vigolondo, who has been described as "the Woody Allen of science fiction."   Looks like fun.

So if you're in Santa Fe... or Albuqueruqe, or Taos, or Espanola, or wherever... drop by and join us.

You can even pick up some signed Neil Gaiman books while you're here.  While the supply lasts.

(We have my own books too.  The supply of those will last forever).

And don't forget our midnight movie, SPIDER BABY.  Previews for that one several posts below.  Shows start at 11pm.
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