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A Whiff of Hope

Life is... hey, maybe there is some faint glimmer of hope.


Gang Green is 3-2.  Say, what?

All the talking heads had them picked as the worst team in the NFL during the preseason.  Guess that's why they play the games, as Boomer likes to say.

Not that they looked like the second coming of the Lombardi Packers tonight.  But they avoided turnovers, and the D looked stout, and the offense -- unlike the Giants O -- did not shoot itself in the foot.  They have a running game.  And Geno Smith looked... well, like a promising rookie.

The Jets actually had to win the game twice.  With time running out, and Atlanta driving, Rex and the D stopped the Falcons with a great goal line stand, breaking up the fourth down pass.  That should have won it right there.  But the refs decided to give Atlanta four more downs with a bogus penalty.  Given eight downs instead of four, the Falcons scored, as most teams would in that position, leaving the Jets with only a minute.  I thought Gang Green had blown it.  The slough of despond beckoned.  But what the hell, the Rookie moved the Jets right down the field, bing bang boom, and Nick Folk kicked the game winning field goal with 3 seconds left on the clock.

The Jets may not win the Super Bowl.  Or even the AFC East.  But right now, they sure look like the best team in New York City.  And NOBODY saw that coming, least of all me. 



Oct. 8th, 2013 06:11 pm (UTC)
jets are well coached
They don't have alot of talent. Rex Ryan is a good coach and he keeps the team competitive even with a lack of talent. They have a much better offensive coordinator than in the previous 2 that Sanchez was stuck with. Alot of short passes to help the offensive line (and Geno's tendency to hold the ball too long) and easy slant passes that he is good at. They made the gameplan easier for him.
no idea how good geno will be. The gameplan did not really showcase alot of talent. I am ok with that. I like a coach who works to someone's strength.

on defense... it looks like Rex finally has some pash rushers. in the past, I used to dread 3rd and long. Rex would often go to the 'exotic' blitz package' they don't get there and then there is a first down. The jets seemed to do better in 3rd and short since Rex was less likely to blitz. The rush is a little better. I do think he takes too many chances and does too much 1 on 1 coverage (he doesn't have darelle revis anymore), but he is a good coach.

i also like that rex is shutting up. I'm a jets fan, but I'm tired of his mouth. Rex is coaching for his job. Not sure he keeps it if the jets don't make the playoffs and I think that is a long shot. New GM usually wants a new coach.


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