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Jets Win! Jets Win! Jets Win!

Life is magical and filled with joy...

For this night, at least.  The Jets are only 4-3, true, but they beat the Patriots.  Any time we can take down Evil Little Bill and Tom Brady, it's a day for rejoicing.

Our rookie QB has been blowing hot and cold all season, as rookies will.  Today, aside from that one pick six, he was hot.  He looked really sharp, in truth.  And the Jets D just keeps getting better and better.  Whatever you say about Rex, he knows how to build a great D.

Even so, the Jets almost blew it, allowing Brady and the Pats to tie up the game in the final seconds and send it into overtime.  But in OT, the D came up big, and Geno and offense did just enough to get Nick Folk into range for the winning field goal... aided, I must admit, by a personal foul penalty that I am sure has all the Pats fans howling.  I'd be howling too if the teams had been reversed.

It was by no means the worst call of the afternoon, however.  That distinctiion has to be reserved for a totally bogus offensive pass interference call that negated a beautiful long TD bomb from Geno to Stephen Hill.  If that TD has counted, as it should have, there never would have been an overtime.  So I guess it all evened out in the end.

The Pats still lead the AFC East and will likely win it.  The Jets may not even make the playoffs.  As well as they played this week, they could be awful next week.  It has been that kind of up and down season.  But tonight at least gives Gang Green fans another whiff of hope.  Maybe Geno is for real.  That D sure is.



Ray Feighery
Oct. 21st, 2013 07:29 pm (UTC)
Well they've been calling the Offensive Pass interference that way for years. If the receiver straightens his arm to get separation they're going to call it.
The overtime call was egregious as it impacted the end of the game and the perceived foul had absolutely no impact on the play. Just another case of overzealous officials.
I DO appreciate you saying you would be screaming had it been called on the Jets.:)
In the end I don't think it will matter but it would have been nice for the Pats to get the win considering they were essentially using a predominantly 3rd string Defense.
But Hey! They Red Sox are in the World Series so there's that! :)
Oct. 21st, 2013 08:16 pm (UTC)
They very seldom call offensive pass interference. When they do, it is usually because it's flagrant. This was not. The defender did a great acting job, falling and flailing as if pushed, but he was barely touched, as the replays made plain.
Ray Feighery
Oct. 21st, 2013 09:52 pm (UTC)
No doubt that he "Sold" it. However I have seen several similar plays the last few weeks.

Certainly the worst one was on the Seahawks in SB XL which negated a touchdown.

Of course if it had happened the other way I would be upset to.

Frankly I think they call it too easily as they do with many penalties these days.

win or lose I never like it when the officials play too big a part in the game.


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