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George R.R. Martin

New at the Cocteau

Just in time for my return from Down Under, a couple of fresh offerings debuted at the Jean Cocteau... one brand new, and one a classic.

Here's a taste of this week's offerings.  First, BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN, a prize winner at the Tribeca and Berlin Film Festivals, and a likely contender in the foreign film category of next year's Oscars.

We're also showing THE GREAT SANTINI, the terrific 1979 film adaptation of Pat Conroy's 1976 novel, starting Robert Duvall and Bylthe Danner.  One of Duvall's greatest and most memorable performances.

And, of course, THE GREAT SANTINI is only to whet the appetite... on Monday, December 2, we will be having Pat Conroy himself at the Cocteau for an evening of conversation, to discuss his life, his books, and the movies made from them... which list includes not only THE GREAT SANTINI but also THE PRINCE OF TIDES, THE LORDS OF DISCIPLINE, and CONRACK.  Pat will also be signing copies of his latest, THE DEATH OF SANTINI, and his other titles.  Admission is free with the purchase of a hardcover book, $5 with the purchase of a paperback.

As with our previous events, seats are going fast, so if you'd like to attend, do call the Cocteau ASAP and reserve a book (and a seat) before they are all gone.

See you at the movies.
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