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Next Up at the Cocteau

We had a great time at the Cocteau last night with "Dangerous Talk About Dangerous Women."  A crowded stage, a lively discussion, and a lot of books got signed.  My thanks to Carrie Vaughn, Diana Gabaldon, Diana Rowland, Sam Sykes, Steve Stirling, Megan Lindholm, Gardner Dozois, and Melinda Snograss -- for their contributions to the anthology, and their presence at the launch.  And thanks as well to Tom Doherty, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and our other friends at Tor who made it all happen.

We did tape the panel discussion, for all those who were not there, and hope to be able to upload it onto the internet sometime soon, after editing.  And signed copies of DANGEROUS WOMEN -- and many other titles by the participating authors -- are available at the theatre, if you want to swing by.  No, sorry, we are not yet able to offer the autographed books by mail order, but we hope to change that soon.  Watch this space for an announcement.

Santa Feans (and those passing through) still have a couple of days to catch our three "Dangerous Women" films -- SCARLET STREET, ALIENS, and COFFY.  (We may hold over ALIENS, but the other two will close on Thursday).

The films roll on, however, and come Friday we have two cool new offerings set to debut.

In a feature slot, we will have a brand new SF/ horror flick that's been creating quite a buzz at flim festivals, LAST DAYS ON MARS.

And for our late show -- Friday and Saturday only, at 11 -- we have CHRISTMAS WITH THE DEAD, based on a story by JOE R. LANSDALE and introduced by The Man His Own Self.  We're looking forward to welcoming Joe to Santa Fe.

Zombies for Xmas.  What could be better?
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