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Win, Win

Life is... well, tolerable.  On this Sunday, at least.

The Jets and the Giants both won today, but somehow, considering the dismal seasons they've had and the fact that both have long since been eliminated from the post-season, it is hard to summon up a "life is magical and full of joy."

The Jets thumped the Browns pretty solidly.  Our rookie QB Geno Smith looked... okay.  He ran for the winning TD, which was good.  And he didn't throw any interceptions, which was better.  I am so sick of INTs.  Maybe if Gang Green upsets the Dolphins next week to finish 8-8, that will save Rex Ryan's job.  But I doubt it.  I think Rex has been set up to be fired since before the season began.  The new GM doesn't want him.  He wants "his own guy," all the talking heads keep saying.  Pfui.  I don't know who "his own guy" is, but I doubt very much he'd be better than Ryan, who has been the best coach the Jets have had since Bill Parcells.  Firing him would be insane.  Which likely means the Jets will do it.

The Giants won in overtime.  They looked awful, and suffered several more injuries.  I think they have just about to run out of offensive linemen and running backs.  They tried to give away the game several times.  But the Detroit Lions kept giving it back.  Someone had to win eventually, and it turned out to be the Giants, which eliminated the Lions from the playoffs and assured that the G-Men will have a somewhat worse draft choice.

Win, win.

Yay, yay.

Guess I need to wait a little longer for that Subway Superbowl.



Dec. 24th, 2013 06:50 am (UTC)
Question of the Craft
Not on the topic of American football but a question for you that has been nagging me for a long time. This is the only way I found to reach out to you with the question. It is about the utility value of a geographic map to a writer, and I want an answer from an author with some experience whose map seems to be a necessity when reading. Was a map necessary from your point of view as the author while writing?

At what point in your writing (or career as a writer) did you feel a map was necessary to the progress of your writing? As an author with considerable experience, did this point move more towards the beginning of your work or towards the end as you gained more experience as a writer? I am seeking as detailed an answer as you care to provide.

Alternatively, do you give no thought to a map? (Please explain this vis-à-vis its impact to your writing without a map for reference.)

I am writing a story with scenes in the Grey Meadows: a week’s journey west by horse from the enclave at Hernes Rock; some unknown distance away of Osweir Castle to the southeast; some unknown distance northeast of Handsclasp Castle; and the King’s home city somewhere unknown. I have no idea of the geography between these compass points, and it is interfering with the flow of my imagination to my pen.

Would you say I am geeking out on geography or have I an actual barrier I need to resolve? Have you ever encountered this? Do you have a strategy you have used to overcome this? Are you naturally a map type person (I am not)?

I would appreciate your answers.


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